The Battle for Twycross

This article is about the scenario pack. For the planet, see Twycross.
This article is about the scenario pack. For the battle, see Battle of Twycross.
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The Battle for Twycross
Product information
Type Scenario Pack
Development Sam Lewis (Production Manager)
Donna Ippolito (Senior Editor)
Kent Stolt (Assistant Editor)
Primary writing Anthony Pryor
Pages 56
Cover Artwork Jim Holloway (Art) note
Jeff Laubenstein (Design)
Interior Artwork Dana Knutson (Art Director)
Illustrations Earl Geier
Publication information
Publisher FASA
Product code 1653
First published 1990
ISBN-10 1555600743
ISBN-13 978-1555600747
MSRP $8.00
Era Clan Invasion era
Timeline 3050


The Battle for Twycross marks the first victory of any of the Great Houses against the Clans during their invasion of the Inner Sphere. The battle lasted from 2 June to 10 September 3050, and resulted in an AFFC victory against Clan Jade Falcon.

From the back cover[edit]

From beyond known space come the Clans... high-tech barbarians bring war and destruction to the Inner Sphere. The Jade Falcons were one of the fiercest and most brutal of these Clans. Preying on the Federated Commonwealth, they mercilessly slaughtered its defending forces.

The most successful of the Jade Falcons forces were the Falcon Guards. Led by Star Colonel Adler Malthus, the guards amassed an incredible string of victories.

Their fate was to end up buried under tons of rock, entombed forever by Leftenant Kai Allard, giving and [sic] the Federated Commonwealth its first victory over the Clans.

This scenario pack recreates the battles for Twycross, with 15 BattleTech scenarios and 1 Battleforce(sic) scenario, following the Falcon Guards from their greatest success to their final stand.


  • Introduction
  • Scenarios
    • The Beast is Loose
    • Power Play
    • The Terrible Toads
    • Face the Fire
    • Desperate Measures
    • Distant Thunder
    • The Harder They Fall
    • The Defense of Camora
    • Thunder Of The Gods
    • The Last Hurrah
    • Vengeance on the Plains
    • Showdown


  • In the credits, Steve Venters is incorrectly listed as the cover artist
  • According to the prologue of the Falcon Guard novel by Robert Thurston, Star Captain Joanna was together with Star Colonel Adler Malthus at the Great Gash and was one of the survivors, buried by rock as Kai Allard-Liao detonated the mines by overloading the reactor of his Hatchetman. According to The Battle for Twycross scenario, the Great Gash was attacked by the Falcon Guard Trinary Alpha. Star Captain Joanna is not in the Trinary Alpha unit roster, in fact she is not even mentioned as a member of the whole Falcon Guards Cluster. This is probably a retcon of Robert Thurston because his book was published one year after the scenario.
  • The non-BattleTech scenario included, "Thunder of the Gods," is actually a BattleTroops scenario.

Foreign-Language Editions[edit]


Schlacht um Twycross, die.jpg
Die Schlacht um Twycross
Product information
Language German
Contribution Christian Jesch (Translation)
Reinhold H. Mai and
Michael Immig (Editorial Office)
Dietrich Limper (Composition)
Reinhold H. Mai and
MechForce Germany (Technical Consultancy)
Pages 52
Publication information
Publisher Fantasy Productions
First published 1995
ISBN-10 389064922X
ISBN-13 978-3890649221

The German edition, in most parts faithful to the original version, was released by Fantasy Productions in 1995. The translation is credited to Christian Jesch. The German version is printed as DIN A4, a standard European paper size, which is a little larger then North American Letter.


The German edition vastly matches the original one, with only slight variations:

  • The BattleTroops scenario is left out.
  • The initial outline gives no hierarchy of chapters and subsections, consequently the German outline contains a few additional bullets. The additional headings are:
    • The chapter "Einführung" (Introduction) is followed by
      • "Verwendung der Szenarien" (Use of Scenarios)
      • "Zusatzregeln" (Additional Rules)
    • The chapter "Unternehmen Twycross" (Twycross Campaign) is followed by
      • "Der Vorstoß auf Camora" (Advance on Camora)
      • "Das letzte Gefecht" (The Last Stand)
      • "Nachspiel" (Aftermath)
      • "Gegenangriff" (Counterattack)
      • "Entscheidung" (Decision)
      • "Sieg" (Victory)
  • The original's mistake in the back cover text is corrected.

Spelling and Names[edit]

As with other German products prior to 1997 spelling and names (especially places and units) as well as most abbreviations were regularly adjusted. For instance the 'Mech unit Archer was renamed to Schütze, the planet Gotterdammerung was respelled to Götterdämmerung, the DCMS (Draconis Combine Mustered Soldiery) became VSDK (Vereinigte Streitkräfte des Draconis Kombinats) and so on.