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The Cameron Question

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The Cameron Question
Story information
Author Michael J. Ciaravella
Pages 3
Type In-Universe Media
Product Shrapnel, Issue 1
Era Dark Age Era
Universe Date 10 June 3150
Series Secrets of the Sphere
Followed by The ProtoMech Problem

The Cameron Question is an in-universe broadcast by Kyle DiNoto, the Questioner. It was written by Michael J. Ciaravella and published in the first issue of Shrapnel.

Plot summary[edit]

Recorded at an undisclosed location, Kyle DiNoto, a conspiracy theorist who goes by "the Questioner" discussed the possibility of surviving members of the Cameron family.

According to DiNoto, he has managed to build in the reporting of Interstellar News Network reporter Sandra Raines to locate the missing Cameron heir. The SLS Tripitz was en route to an SLDF shipyard in Horsham but became stranded one jump away in New Vandenberg. Passenger manifests revealed a set of twins heading to Horsham at that time. From there, the lost Cameron heir traveled to Mendham, location of the Cameron-reverence cult, Cult of the Saints Cameron. Centuries later, DiNoto believes he's identified the Cameron heir as Mendham native computer programmer Daniel Cameron.

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All of the above constitutes a canon rumor. It is worth noting there is no record of an SLDF shipyard in Horsham.[1][2][3][4] While Horsham housed a large naval yard when it was a Taurian Concordat holding, it was the site of bloody combat in 2582 which left it "little more than a useless, hollow shell."[5]


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