The Circle

The Circle
Story information
Author Dan C. Duval
Pages 4
Type Short story
Product Total Warfare
Era Civil War era
Timeline 7 October 3067

The short story The Circle was published in Total Warfare.

Plot summary[edit]

The story follows the covert maneuvers around a set of Word of Blake Toyamas spies deployed in the Taurian Concordat. Taurian Subaltern Alan Noppadoi, seeking promotions, follows the tips of an anonymous source (in fact working for the rival True Believers) to capture Blakist agent after Blakist agent. A loyalist to Marshal Kithrong, he deliberately misreports these spies as working for the Federated Commonwealth, but those he reports to are in fact fully aware that the agents are Blakists. As well, Noppadoi sends the captured agents to be reconditioned into thinking they work for the Federated Commonwealth, and arranges for them to be redeployed in the Capellan Confederation.

The Capellans, for about a year, have continually intercepted these reconditioned Blakist agents. In order to cause confusion at minimal cost, Sun-Tzu Liao has arranged for these agents to be covertly redeployed in the Draconis Combine, always done through routes the Combine is aware of. This operation, also noticed by the Outworlds Alliance, baffles Louis Yamashi of the Draconis Internal Security Force.

In the end, the captured spies are merely part of a greater wave of Toyamas agents in training for operations in the Concordat, and those who were not caught reach their graduation ceremony.

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