The Dead


The Dead was created by Julia Delgado and started as a prostitution ring in The Reaches. The gang was largely composed of former MechWarriors.

The gang is highly organized, looking more like a well-oiled business than a typical street gang. The gang is also known for its ruthless and deadly response to threats.

Though the gang has been able to avoid the attention of Solaran authorities, in 3051 they have attracted the unwanted attention of the Bertolli family (Mafia) and the Yakuza, which want to absorb them. This has increased the number of drive-by shootings and gun battles against them. The gang's response is of course defending themselves, even with the help of some residents that prefer the gang's rule over the yakuza or Mafia, and has stepped up recruiting efforts to bolster their firepower.[1]



The Dead symbol.PNG

The Dead favor black synthleather clothes and tag their turf with a stylized hangman's noose.[1]


During 3051 the gang had 5 hoovercars, 1 truck and 8 motorcycles.[1]

Gang Members[edit]

During 3051 the gang was composed of 25 members.[1]

Gang Positions[edit]

Gang Leader[edit]


Street Eyes[edit]


The Dead maintain two small apartment buildings, both with underground garages with multiple entrances and exits.[1]

Criminal Activity[edit]

The Gangs income comes from extorting money from prostitution rings of Amberton Quarter and also for protection fees on the rest of legitimate business on that area.[1]


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