The Fall of Terra

Fall of terra book.jpg
The Fall Of Terra
Product information
Type Sourcebook
Development Bryan Nystul
Primary writing Chris Hartford
Pages 72
Illustrations Tom Baza
Doug Chaffee
Storn Cook
Kevin Long
Mike Nielsen
Chris Trevas
Publication information
Publisher FASA
Product code 1684
First published 1996
ISBN-10 1555603084
Era Clan Invasion era

The Fall of Terra is a scenario book for use with the BattleTech tabletop game. It also provides some details that allow use with BattleSpace and MechWarrior game systems. It provides 16 scenarios that lead the players through the Word of Blake campaign to wrest control of Terra from ComStar, as well as a sourcebook section leading up to the main event.

From the back cover[edit]

Since the Battle of Tukayyid, ComStar has been torn asunder. The misguided Blakists still adhere to the old ways that shrouded technology in a veil of mysticism for hundreds of years. While the Inner Sphere was caught up in the Jade Falcon attack on Coventry, the Word of Blake struck Terra quickly and without mercy, using deep-cover agents to cripple us from within. From this terrible blow, ComStar—and Terra—may never recover.

–From the diary of Sharilar Mori, Primus of ComStar

The lies of Focht's ComStar have gone unanswered long enough. The time has come to drive the heretics from the cradle of humanity. Then the purifying light of Blake's True Vision will shine again on Terra, the gleaming gem set at the heart of the Inner Sphere. Then all will know that the true ComStar, the Word of Blake, has returned to guide them through the darkness of ignorance.
–From an address to the Word of Blake Militia by Precentor Demona Aziz

The Fall of Terra is a BattleTech scenario pack that describes the struggle for control of the Earth between the warring factions of ComStar. Sixteen scenarios and special weather rules recreate the major battles of this campaign. Also included is a sourcebook section describing the history and features of 31st-century Terra.


  • Introduction
    • How To Use This Book
    • Weather and Terrain Rules
  • Operation Odysseus
    • Gathering Storm
    • A Wolf in Sheep's Clothing
    • Homecoming
    • Capricious Fate
    • The Tide Turns?
    • New Order
  • Scenarios
    • Hold the Line
    • When the Bough Breaks
    • Free Fall
    • Out Come the Knives
    • Down Into Darkness
    • Nowhere to Run
    • Give Me Liberty...
    • Serve to Lead
    • Scenarios 9-12: Mini-Campaign Rules
    • Fields of Camlann
    • Who Dares Wins
    • Croeso Y Cymru
    • Season's End
    • Interesting Times
    • God of War
    • Per Ardua Ad Astra
    • End of the Line
  • War Without End
    • Troop Placements
    • Com Guard Activity
    • The Ongoing Campaign
    • Equipment