The Fox's Teeth: Exploits of McKinnon's Raiders

This article is about the scenario pack. For the special operations unit, see The Fox's Teeth.
The Fox's Teeth: Exploits of McKinnon's Raiders
Product information
Type Scenario pack
Development Jordan K. Weisman
L. Ross Babcock III (Editor-In-Chief)
Donna Ippolito (Editor)
Primary writing L. Ross Babcock
Patrick L. Larkin
William H. Keith, Jr.
Richard Meyer
Walter Hunt
Lisa Hunt
Evan Jamison
Pages 48
Cover artwork Jim Halloway
Illustrations Jim Halloway
Dana Knutson
Todd F. Marsh
Jane Bigos
Publication information
Publisher FASA
Product code 1606
First published 1985
ISBN-10 0931787661
ISBN-13 978-0931787669
MSRP 8.00 US $
Era Succession Wars era
Timeline 30213027

This book was a very early BattleTech publication, from a time when the BattleTech universe was not yet defined in great detail. Many details in this book thus seem odd or are outright wrong; see Notes.


As the second scenario book ever published, The Fox's Teeth: Exploits of McKinnon's Raiders describes the members and adventures of one of House Davions most famous units: McKinnon's Company of the 7th Crucis Lancers. In addition to the unit's history, composition and a short description of House Davion and some important planets, the book presents ten solo scenarios and a mini campaign to replay some of the Raiders' most exciting battles along the border with the Draconis Combine during the 3020s.

From the back cover[edit]

The mercenary company McKinnon's Raiders was nicknamed "The Fox's Teeth" for their long and successful history in carrying out the policies of Hanse "The Fox" Davion. Now considered a house unit of the House of Davion, the most powerful of the Successor States, McKinnon's Raiders has a remarkable history of loyalty under the most trying of circumstances.

This scenario set details the history of McKinnon's Raiders, profiles the statistics and condition of the members of the company and includes 14 scenarios pitting the Raiders against the wide variety of opponents they have fought throughout their colorful past.


  • Introduction
    • How To Use These Scenarios
  • The Fox's Teeth
    • Brief History
    • Command Lance
      • Captain Ian McKinnon
      • MechWarrior George Lytton
      • MechWarrior Paul Danton
      • MechWarrior Austin Vorster
    • Medium Lance
      • Lieutenant Karl Ryder
      • MechWarrior Iskoru Chipende
      • MechWarrior Enst Lang
      • MechWarrior Henrik Dekker
    • Recon Lance
      • Lieutenant Kate Nomura
      • MechWarrior Mark McKinnon
      • MechWarrior Mateo Alvarez
      • MechWarrior Robert Grey
  • Scenarios
    • The Swarm's Sting
    • A Stab in the Back
    • An Affair of Honor
    • Fear No Evil
    • Trial By Combat
    • Fox At Bay
    • Cry Vengeance!
    • Restitution
    • Water, Water Everywhere
    • The Fight For Depot 217
    • Battle Of Udibi
      • Scenario I
      • Scenario III
      • Scenario III
      • Scenario IV


  • The Udibi campaign against Wolf's Dragoons is set between 1 and 7 May 3029 in this book, but this cannot be correct as the Dragoons went to work for the Federated Suns in 3028. The Wolf's Dragoons sourcebook established the Udibi battle to have occurred in 3027, and the novel Wolves on the Border describes the Dragoons' viewpoint in some detail, as well as repeating background details, a brief appearance of Captain Frank Woomack, and a mention of Ian McKinnon. As of 22 June 3027, Woomack and other Dragoons have been captive for more than a month and the Udibi raid was planned in early April of that year, suggesting the date range from 1 to 6 May remains correct and only the year had to be corrected.
  • The book introduced the world Kesai (spelled as Kasai) as a planet belonging to the Federated Suns since the fall of the Star League in contrast to the more recent Handbook: House Davion. Similar problems exist with multiple worlds on which they fought at the border to the Draconis Combine during the Third Succession War.
  • In the scenario "Fight for Depot 217" the Raiders battle with elements of House Liao's 4th Tau Ceti Rangers on the House Kurita world of An Ting on 1 October 3022. If taken at face value this would indicate the highly unusual situation that raider parties from two Houses simultaneously raided a third House, or alternatively, that An Ting was (briefly) held by House Davion at the time. In a debriefing it is mentioned that the two units actually spent some time together on R&R on another continent on An Ting following the battle.