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The Great Reavings

The Great Reavings
Story information
Author Eric Salzman
Pages 6
Type Short Story
Product Shrapnel Issue 3
Era Dark Age Era
Timeline 22 January 3146

The Great Reavings is a short story by Eric Salzman that was published in the third issue of Shrapnel Issue 3 on 15 December 2020.

Plot summary[edit]

Wolf Khan Alaric Ward hosts a Clan Council meeting on Solaris VII and formally kicks off the 3144 Great Reaving festival, during which Trials will be fought to Reave, Propagate, and Found Bloodrights.

The opening scene is followed by a Clan Sea Fox Watch report that provides an overview of the Great Reaving tradition since its inception in 3095, noting that Reavings outpaced Propagations during the Pax Republica, causing some Bloodhouses to nearly die out, but that the frenzied pace of combat following the Blackout had justified many Propagations, restoring most Bloodhouses to numbers not seen in a century. It also notes that, following the 3095 Edict of Severance, orphaned Bloodhouses from the Home Clans were permitted to reestablish themselves in the Inner Sphere.

The Watch report then summarizes highlights of each Clan's (those members of the Council of Six, at least) Great Reaving festival for 3144.

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