The Hellion's Fury

The Hellion's Fury
Start Date 3048
Location Clan Space/Kerensky Cluster
Planet Multiple planets/enclaves targeted
Result Large gains for the Ice Hellions
Commanders and leaders
Khan Stephen Tyler Various Khans of opposing Clans
Forces involved
Various Ice Hellion Clusters and Galaxies Various Clan Garrisons

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The Hellion's Fury (referred to as, The Hellion's Tantrum by other clans) (3048[1] - n/a) was a series of battles fought to assuage Clan honor on the part of the Ice Hellions after their failure to win a slot in the Inner Sphere invasion. They would win numerous territories and gain resources from other Clans already weakened by the intense trials that had taken place.


Outbound Light[edit]

In 3048, the Comstar vessel, Outbound Light was captured by Clan Smoke Jaguar as the crew was forced to reveal information about the state of the Inner Sphere. Using this opportunity to his advantage, ilKhan Leo Showers revealed this information to the Grand Council (and twisted some truth) to approve the decision. Various clans would conduct Trials of Possessions to see which clans would lead the charge of invading the Inner Sphere. As the result, four Clans would spearhead Operation Revival (with Clan Wolf being forced to join for opposing the invasion). Those who fought well enough would be placed as reserve clans.

Hellion Strife[edit]

During this time, Stephen Tyler was elected as Khan of Clan Ice Hellion to deal with inter-Hellion conflicts. Like the other clans, Khan Tyler would join the Trial to invade the Inner Sphere to improve the morale of his clan. However, his clan would end up defeated during the Trial, causing growing anger among the clan. Recognizing the situation and opportunity of the other weakened clans from the trial, Khan Tyler would create the "Hellion's Fury Campaign". This campaign would not only allow the Ice Hellions to gain resources, but also allowed the clan to vent their anger out on their opponents. By doing this, Khan Stephen Tyler would unify his clan and help rid it of internal strife.[2]


After the Hellion's Fury Campaign had ended, the Ice Hellions would gain tremendous resources at the expense of Khan Stephen Tyler's life[3] and their reputation. While Clan Ice Hellion saw their attacks as a success and a force to be reckoned with, the other clans viewed them differently. Most clans saw their campaign as a "temper tantrum" for not being included in the invasion, even more so, they would refer to their campaign as, "The Hellion's Tantrum". As a result, no clan would take the Ice Hellions seriously, giving them very few allies. Stephen Tyler's successor, Hellion Khan, Asa Taney created the Home Clan Coalition to rectify the personal honor of their clan, but the plan backfired with the Harvest Trials. The failure of the Home Clan Coalition along with their Hellion Fury campaign would permanently mar the Ice Hellions' credibility as a weak clan, leading to their destruction three decades later.


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