The Highwaymen


The Gang was created by Reggie "The Red" Philburn.

The gang is known for its strikes against wealthy travelers on the deserted roads near Bracken Swamp, where it lay in ambush. After blocking all escape routes, the gang quickly and politely relieved the victim of his possessions.

The gang has attracted a lot of attention because of its habit to rob visiting nobles and the Solarian police has tried several times to catch him. A sizable bounty has been posted against "The Red" and now even MechWarriors are patrolling the Bracken Swamp to catch him.[1]

The Gang changed hands when in 3067 Kristof Szabian took charge of the band and renamed it as Szabian's Renegades. The gang became more 'Mech oriented after that. They started to work for themselves and to get money, working for Mister Yurei (a yakuza fixer).

In 3068 they destroyed the Black Hats gang after raiding their base and destroying their 'Mechs.

In their last heist Szabian was captured by the Bounty Hunter, and the rest of the gang ended up facing one company of DeLon Stables 'Mechs and another company of Yakuza 'Mechs which shattered the gang.[2]



The Highwaymen wear red arm bands, leg bands and headbands. During robberies they also masked their faces with red full-face masks[1]


During 3051 the gang had 10 hovercycles.[1] On 3068 the gang was 'Mech equipped, with at least a Zeus, Dervish, Cobra, Awesome and a Berserker among them. They numbered approximately a company.[2]

Gang Members[edit]

During 3051 the gang was composed of 17 members.[1]

Gang Positions[edit]

Gang Leader & Warlord[edit]


Street Eyes[edit]


The Gang operates a small house in the outskirts of Beal City and claims large sections of Bracken Swamp as its turf.[1]

Criminal Activity[edit]

The Highwaymen are known for their armed robberies. Their reputation marks them as "friendly" as they avoid harming or killing any of their victims.[1]

As per 3067 they started robbing important imports from several companies, most of them fronts of the yakuza.[2]


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