The Jaguar's Den

Clan Smoke Jaguar logo
The Jaguar's Den
Unit Profile (as of 3060)
Nickname Smoke Jaguar Command Trinary
Parent Formation Clan Smoke Jaguar Touman
Formed Unknown


The Jaguar's Den was the Command Trinary of Clan Smoke Jaguar, in the fashion of a Keshik although not named as such.[1]


Operation Revival[edit]

The Jaguar's Den was not bid into any of the battles of Operation Revival. [2]

Battle of Tukayyid[edit]

It is unclear if the Khan led the Jaguar's Den on to Tukayyid or opted to led Alpha Galaxy from it's own Command Trinary instead.

Battle of Huntress[edit]

The Jaguar's Den saw notable combat action on Huntress during its invasion by Inner Sphere-forces. Elements of the Jaguar's Den were detached to Galaxy Commander Hang Mehta's command, to serve as reinforcements for her depleted troops. [3] The unit was effectively destroyed on Huntress, but the last warriors fell on Strana Mechty during the Great Refusal. [4]


Rank Name Command
Commanding Officers of the The Jaguar's Den
Khan Brandon Howell 3052
Khan Lincoln Osis 3052 - 3060

Other Officers[edit]



Composition History[edit]

After the destruction of Alpha Galaxy, it's naval assets were transferred to control of the Jaguar's Den along with the Sabre Cat from Beta Galaxy.


  • Alpha Command Star (5 OmniMechs)
  • Bravo Command Star (5 OmniMechs)
  • Charlie Command Star (5 OmniMechs)
  • Delta Command Star (25 Elementals)
  • Echo Command Star (25 Elementals)
  • Gamma Command Star (10 OmniFighters)
  • Omega Command Star (10 OmniFighters)

Naval Assets[edit]




Naval Assets[edit]

  • Streaking Mist (Black Lion-class)



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