The Kell Hounds

This article is about the scenario pack. For the eponymous mercenary unit, see Kell Hounds.
The Kell Hounds
Product information
Type Scenario pack
Development L. Ross Babcock III (Editor-in-chief)
Donna Ippolito (Senior Editor)
Jim Musser (Editor)
C. R. Green (Editorial Assistant)
Jordan K. Weisman (Production Manager)
Tara Gallagher (Production Coordinator)
Primary writing Michael Stackpole
Jim Brunk, Dale L. Kemper, Michael Lee (scenarios)
Pages 64
Cover artwork Les Dorscheid (art)
Jim Nelson (design)
Interior artwork Dana Knutson (art director)
Illustrations Jeff Laubenstein
Jim Nelson
Chris Palm
Duane Loose
Rick Harris
John T. Robinson
Sonya A. Abrochta
Dana Knutson
Publication information
Publisher FASA
Product code 1652
First published 1988
ISBN-10 1555600697
ISBN-13 978-1555600693
MSRP 8.00 US $
Era Succession Wars era
Timeline 30103029


This scenario pack provides information about the Kell Hounds mercenary unit, beginning with their formation and ending at the start of the Fourth Succession War.

From the back cover[edit]

When Morgan and Patrick Kell first formed the mercenary Kell Hounds in 3010, few thought they'd survive for long. When Katrina Steiner gave them a contract, the Hounds wasted no time becoming one of the most feared and respected merc units in the Inner Sphere.

It was not the first or last time that the fate of the Kells would become intricately bound up with House Steiner. Morgan Kell helped to save Katrina's life during an assassination plot even before she became Archon. Then it was an inheritance from Katrina's husband Arthur, a cousin of the Kells, that permitted the brothers to finance their dream of founding a merc unit. Much later, Patrick Kell gave his life to rescue Melissa Steiner, heir to the Lyran throne and Hanse Davion's fiancee, when she was kidnapped by agents of the Draconis Combine.

The Kell Hounds played key roles in Davion history, too. They were there when Yorinaga Kurita killed Ian Davion on Mallory's World. They held off the Second Sword of Light long enough for Davion forces to recover the Prince's body, but Kurita escaped.

From that day, Yorinaga Kurita and the Kell Hounds were destined to face one another in a series of climactic battles. When Morgan and Yorinaga dueled in one of these, a legend was born. The mystical nature of that battle left Morgan so shaken that he disbanded most of his regiment and joined a monastery.

The Kell Hounds survived under the leadership of Patrick Kell. After Yorinaga killed Patrick on Styx, Morgan Kell came out of exile to rebuild his unit. He knew it was only a matter of time before he and Yorinaga would meet again on a day of final reckoning.

The Kell Hounds is a scenario pack containing 11 BattleTech, 2 BattleForce, and 2 MechWarrior scenarios. It also provides personality profiles on the principal members of the Kell Hounds, a unit roster, and a history of the unit.


  • Introduction
  • Kell Hounds Roster: Past and Present
Morgan Finn Kell
Patrick Martin Kell
Salome Ward
Clarence "Cat" Wilson
Daniel W. Allard
Janos Vandermeer
Richard O'Cieran
Seamus Fitzpatrick
Austin Brand
Margaret "Meg" Lang
Eddie Baker
  • BattleTech Scenarios
    • Lowering the Boom
    • To Save a Prince
    • A Little Knowledge
    • Death of the Legion
    • Dragon of a Different Color
    • Special Party
    • Trick with Time
    • Phantom 'Mechs
    • To the Last Man
    • Salt Flats Shootout
    • Canyon of Revenge
  • BattleForce Scenarios
    • A Royal Tragedy
    • The Fox, the Hounds, and the Dragon
  • MechWarrior Scenarios
    • Delta Romeo
    • Warriors of the Night

German Version[edit]

Kell Hounds, die.jpg
Die Kell Hounds
Product information
Language german
Contribution Reinhold H. Mai (Translation)
Pages 64
Publication information
Publisher Fantasy Productions
First published 1993
ISBN-10 3890649068
ISBN-13 978-3890649061

The German language version of the scenario pack was released by Fantasy Productions in 1993. The translation, as well as two additional BattleTech scenarios not included in the original version of the product, were credited to Reinhold H. Mai.


The content largely matches the original, but there are some minor variations:

  • The unit's roster is given in a separate chapter after the character descriptions.
  • The two BattleForce scenarios of the original version are left out, instead two additional BattleTech scenarios are included:
    • Die dünne rote Linie ("The Thin Red Line", a 3017 fight against pirates on Tematagi) and
    • Brennendheißer Wüstensand ("Torrid Desert Sand", fighting Palmer Conti's Fifth Sword of Light instead of the expected Genyosha on Nusakan in 3029)
    • The back cover information on the included scenarios is adjusted accordingly, as it reads:
KELL HOUNDS ist Szenariopack mit 13 BATTLETECH- und 2 MECHKRIEGER-Szenarien.
  • The MechWarrior scenario "Delta Romeo" from the original book is renamed as "Echo Zulu Foxtritt", an abbreviation for the German expression "Erkundung zu Fuß" ("Reconnaisance on Foot").
  • In addition to the translation of the original back cover text is a reference to the three german novels of the Warrior Trilogy, as it reads:
Die Abenteuer der Kell Hounds sind auch in der im Wilhelm Heyne Verlag erschienen Krieger-Trilogie von Michael Stackpole nachzulesen:
En Garde (Heyne SF 4687); Riposte (Heyne SF 4688); Coupé (Heyne SF 4689).