The Pentastars


The Gang was created by several Mechwarriors for defunct Burning Star Stables. The passage of time has made them much more violent, as more local recruits from Burgton join. For the gang's point of view though, they got more loyalty, making the gang quite complex if not night impossible to infiltrate.

During 3051 the gang tried to rob the Den of the Dispossessed which ended in utter failure and the loss of two gang members. This has made the Solaris police more active trailing the gang, and in order to keep them more secure, they have been forced to curtail their criminal activities, hence reducing the money they have.[1]

The Pentastars were ultimately destroyed during the Word of Blake occupation of Solaris in the early stages of the Jihad, after the remaining members of the gang joined a major resistance cell alongside the Renegades Cooperative and Hombres Stables out in Nowhere, the Blakists ultimately eliminating the cell.[2]




The Pentastars wear badges that consist of bright blue pentagrams or pentastars on oblong silver backgrounds. They also usually mark its turf with a star inside a pentagon, usually painted in white or blue.[1]


During 3051 the gang had 3 hovercars and 4 motorcycles.[1]

Gang Members[edit]

During 3051 the gang was composed of 19 members.[1]

Gang Positions[edit]

Gang Leader[edit]



The Gang keeps have their base of operations in an abandoned factory in the northern Reaches. They mostly operate in north Xolara, and also in Dowagiac (a village part of Burgton).[1]

Criminal Activity[edit]

The Gangs is specialized in armed robbery and burglary. Their patters is to strike one residence per week and fence the goods by themselves.[1]


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