The Purification

The Purification was an operation run by Michelle Dupreas on behalf of Conrad Toyama.


After the death of Jerome Blake and even though his will called for his ashes to be scattered over the Court of the Star League, Prime Administrator Conrad Toyama instead overruled it and ordered that Blake's body be preserved and placed on display at Hilton Head in specially designed tomb as a "shinning light to all in our ranks", as he began to speak of his final deathbed conversation with Blake and quoted from the ComStar founder's supposed journals about the prophesied collapse of society and the need to reforge the organization as a religious order to ensure preservation of knowledge to safeguard humanity's survival. [1] [2] [3]

His actions caused unease among many, most notably Herman Schwepps who many assumed would be Blake's natural successor as leader of ComStar. Head of a power bloc within the First Circuit pushing a more interventionist policy leveraging ComStar's technological and military advantages against the Great Houses, Conrad Toyama's resistance to open intervention and push to transform the organization into the ComStar Order meant Schwepps actively looked to circumvent Toyama. Forced to make an example of Schwepps as Blake had warned, with the assistance of head of ROM and Blake loyalist Michelle Dupreas, Toyama launched what would later be called The Purification, a bloody purge through the entire organization of those ROM or the new Prime Administrator felt openly or even casually questioned either ComStar's neutral direction or Toyama's religious interpretation of Blake's writing and ideals.[1] [4] [5]


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