The Third Time

The Third Time
Product information
Type Short story & scenario
Author Christopher Hussey
Craig A. Reed
Pages 10+3
Publication information
Publisher BattleCorps
First published 28 October 2013
Era Succession Wars era
Timeline 9 April - 22 October 3075

The Third Time is a story by Craig A. Reed, published on BattleCorps on 28 October 2013 together with an accompanying boardgame scenario (3:10 to Saint Randall) by Chris Hussey. (BattleCorps erroneously switched the author credits around.)

Teaser text[edit]

Chris Hussey brings us a tale from the Word of Blake Protectorate. On Addicks, a resistance cell must hunt down the local Blakist leader or face imminent destruction. Includes playable scenario by Craig A. Reed.

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