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Formed 3023
Affiliation Mercenary (Until at least 3076);
Filtvelt Coalition (at least from 3084)
Parent Command None;
Filtvelt Citizen's Militia


The Thumpers formed in 3023 as a demonstration unit for Defiance Industries to showcase their company's assault 'Mechs. They first saw action on Sevren where they proved themselves invaluable in a defensive role, but also proved lacking in a mobile role. In 3024, Defiance Industries saw the unit as a failure and decided to disband the demonstration unit. Soon after the MechWarriors launched a buy out and took control of the Thumpers to keep the unit running and so the Thumpers Assault Battalion LLC was born. The Thumpers were unable to get a contract with the LCAF and ended up taking several contracts with Lyran businesses until March of 3034 when the Ronin War began. During the Ronin War they were contracted by someone within the Commonwealth, and engaged the 5th Rasalhague Regulars on Jabuka, suffering only light damage. The Regulars retreated off planet.[1]

They then secured a contract with the newly formed Free Rasalhague Republic. Their contract during this period was generous, but due to the anti-mercenary feelings in the Republic after the Ronin War, the Thumpers soon left the FRR and returned to the Lyran Commonwealth in 3038 where they raided Galisteo and fought Swann's Cavaliers several times. The Thumpers received a contract with Edasich Motors and in many ways were left behind as the Inner Sphere rearmed itself with newly discovered technologies. The Thumpers soon moved into the Chaos March where they were employed until Word of Blake and Capellan Confederation encroachment forced them out. The Thumpers soon moved into the Periphery and took up service with the Taurian Concordat against the newly formed Calderon Protectorate. Due to the beginning of hostilities between the Taurian Concordat and the Federated Suns the planned action against the Calderon Protectorate never took place and the Thumpers were relocated to Mithron to guard against a Federated Suns counterattack.

After that contract expired in 3069, the Thumpers accepted a contract with the Filtvelt Military Academy to serve as support for the Filtvelt Academy Training Battalion as it hunted bandits in the Periphery. After the formation of the Filtvelt Coalition in 3072, the Thumpers accepted a contract with the new state. In addition to their work supporting the Filtvelt Military Academy, the Thumpers also supported the planetary garrisons of Marielund and Wetumpka against pirate raids, and in 3076 the commanding officer of the Thumpers, Major Buck Tripp, accepted another contract with the Coalition.[2] The Thumpers also led a raid on Tortuga Prime to dissuade pirate attacks in 3076. This raid wasn't a huge success, with many members of the supporting First Filtvelt Defenders being killed.[3] With the takeover of the Malagrotta Cooperative by Gary Tiqualme and the Death's Consorts the Filtvelt Coalition closed its borders to traffic from the Cooperative, stood up the Third Filtvelt Defenders and redeployed the Thumpers to Sodertalje in support of the Second Filtvelt Defenders.[4]

The Dark Age[edit]

After the Jihad ended, the Thumpers became the core of the Filtvelt Citizen's Militia, ending their mercenary lifestyle. They expanded from a battalion to a regiment, but the Coalition's limited supply and manufacturing base required that the unit accept lighter forces. Despite this they remained on the Coalition/Suns border for most of the rest of the century, ready to defend the Coalition from an AFFS invasion. Over time it became clear that the Suns had no interest in invading the Coalition, and the Thumpers turned to other duties. In September 3084, the Thumpers were sent by the Coalition's leaders to Anjin Muerto, where they offered their services in the fight against the Draconis Combine.[5]

In 3129 the Thumpers sent one of their battalions to operate alongside the Brotherhood of Randis and 2nd Taurian Pride as part of Operation TRIDENT. This was a multistate effort to destroy the Tortuga Pirates. The battle at the Copper Ridge Plateau on New Port Royal was the site of one of the larger battles fought during this operation.[6]

The Thumpers' reputation continued to grow in the Dark Age, with the regiment being the focus of numerous holovid shows detailing pirate hunting operations in the Periphery. The Coalition capitalized on the Thumpers' experience to help increase the size of the unit by loaning the unit out. Hired by local agencies for a fee, the Thumpers proceeded to generate revenue for the Coalition, at least half of which was devoted to supporting and equipping the regiment. When the Draconis Combine launched a large-scale invasion of the Federated Suns the Coalition decided to deploy the Thumpers to assist the AFFS, and as of 3145 the Thumpers were stationed on Anjin Muerto.[7]


Rank Name Command
Commanding Officers of the Thumpers
Major Buck Tripp 3076[5]
Colonel Ranjit Matta 3145[8]


The Thumpers rely on their assault 'Mechs to win their fights; when on the defensive they form a wall, when on the offensive they form a spearhead to smash anything that stands in their way. The Thumpers have problems with an enemy that uses mobile ops against them.



The Thumpers | 1 heavy 'Mech Battalion


The Thumpers | Battalion | (Veteran/Reliable) | 70% strength | 20% Upgraded | Assigned to Filtvelt[9]


Thumpers Assault Regiment (Veteran/Reliable)[8]

  • CO: Colonel Ranjit Matta

At this point in time the Thumpers were operating at ninety percent of full strength.

Game Rules[edit]


When acting as Defender in any battle outside the Filtvelt Coalition, the Thumpers gain the Banking Initiative special ability. They suffer a -1 Initiative modifier when facing pirates. The controlling player can roll on the Federated Suns, Filtvelt Coalition, Lyran Alliance, and Periphery Random Assignment Tables in Field Manual: 3085, Field Manual: Updates, or Mercenaries Supplemental Update. Each unit in the lance, however, must come from the same RAT.[10]


  • As a result of the extensive work performed under contract to nations neighboring the Filtvelt Coalition, the Thumpers may generate one out of every three deployed units using either the Federated Suns or Calderon Protectorate Random Assignment Tables.[11]



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