Theresa DelVillar

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Theresa DelVillar
Theresa DelVillar
Born 3015[1]
Died 3050
Affiliation Clan Ghost Bear

Theresa DelVillar (born 3015[1] – died 3050; aged 35 years) was an Elemental and former saKhan of Clan Ghost Bear who helped lead the Clan in the first months of Operation Revival.

Early Life[edit]

Theresa was born in 3015 as part of the Clans Elemental breeding programs. Little is known about her life growing up, but she did pass her Trial of Position by defeating two opponents and earning the command of a Nova Star in the Third Bear Guards. When she earned her DelVillar Bloodname is unknown. However, it is known that she had successfully completed the Clawing ritual as she was the leader of the Silveroot Keshik later in life. That unit is the traditional command of the Ghost Bear saKhan and it requires that all members of the Keshik to have successfully hunted a ghost bear.

Clan Invasion[edit]

Theresa participated in the opposing force when Clan Wolf demanded a Trial of Refusal against the execution of Operation Revival. Though they were victorious, the Khan and saKhan of Clan Ghost Bear were killed. Afterwards, the Bloodnamed of the Clan, in an unusual move, elected Theresa as their new saKhan. She would assist the also newly elected Khan Karl Bourjon in the upcoming invasion of the Inner Sphere.

In battle, Theresa was cold-blooded and efficient. However, she could also be merciful and a long term thinker. When the Ghost Bears retook Thule in May of 3050, after the world had rebelled against the occupying Clan forces, Theresa made the effort to capture her defeated opponents instead of killing them. She would later take those who had fought well as bondsmen for later incorporation into her Clan. This act encouraged others within the Clan to act similarly and laid the foundation of the eventual merger of Clan Ghost Bear and the Free Rasalhague Republic.

In June 3050, in the battle to take the world of Last Frontier in the third wave of the Clan Invasion, Theresa DelVillar was mortally wounded by elements of the First Freemen ultimately dying of her wounds. Her loss was a serious blow to the Ghost Bears and led to major changes within the Clan. There are many who wonder how the invasion would have proceeded if Theresa was not lost so early in the operation.

Titles and Positions[edit]

Preceded by
Ursula Jorgensson
saKhan of Clan Ghost Bear

Succeeded by
Aletha Kabrinski


Soldiers of the Inner Sphere. I commend you for your audacity. You continue to surprise and amaze me with the lengths you will go to defend your illegitimate claim to rulership in the Inner Sphere. I also commend you for your courtesy. How polite of you to spare us the effort of digging your graves.
  — Theresa DelVillar addressing Free Rasalhague troops in the retaking of Thule by Clan Ghost Bear on May 17, 3050[2]


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