Theta Galaxy (Clan Ice Hellion)

Theta Galaxy
Disbanded 3074 (Disbanded)
Nickname Caste Saviors
Affiliation Clan Ice Hellion
Parent Command Clan Ice Hellion touman

Unit Description[edit]

Theta Galaxy was a Clan Ice Hellion Second-Line formation used as part of Clan's protection of its Merchant Caste.


Theta and its components have been utilized as part of Clan's less honorable duties of providing protection for its Merchant Caste. The Galaxy and its Clusters have deployed only in Binary and Star size forces to cover its duties of protecting the Clans Merchants and Scientists from banditry and other threats. The unit traditionally deploys on the Clan's DropShips and JumpShip assets, causing it not to be exposed to frontline combat.[1]

By 3067, Galaxy Commander Renold would be replaced by a Bloodnamed Warrior, Marcus Wick. Taking command of the 180th Attack Cluster, his leading unit would be assigned to Hector. While the 44th sent to Babylon and 43rd to Barcella. The Galaxy's reliability would improve, with only the 43rd Hector Cavaliers remaining of Questionable loyalty to its Clan's Warrior caste.

A detachment of the Galaxy had been rumored to have traveled with the Clan's Merchant caste to the Tanite Worlds system as part of a Trade Mission. However, despite rumors of some of its 'Mechs having made landfall, it is strongly suspected they were destroyed by Tanis's defenders.[2]

During 3068 and 3071 the Galaxy rotated its troops across all of the Clan's holdings in the homeworlds in an attempt to confuse the other Clans as to its true strength and cover the troop movements to the Inner Sphere.[3]

The Homeworld defenses were woefully understrength and slowly one by one they started to fall and the warriors of Theta were slowly lost. There were reinforced by some survivors arriving at Hector in December 3071,[4] but by June 3072 only 53 warriors were left under the command of Loremaster Jonas Cage. By December 3072 the Clan forces of Theta Galaxy had concentrated on Hector and had raised a new cluster consisting of solahma and sibko troops.[5]

The warriors of the Galaxy were absorbed in to Clan Goliath Scorpion in 3074, this was the end of the Galaxy.[6]


Rank Name Command
Commanding Officers of the Theta Galaxy
Galaxy Commander Renold 3059[1]
Galaxy Commander Marcus Wick 3067[7]
Loremaster Jonas Cage 3068 - 3072[5]


Because of their mission role, warriors of Theta Galaxy have developed efficient combat techniques for fighting in zero and low-level gravity environments. However, unit cohesion is practically nonexistent, as individual Binaries rarely fight together. Discipline within the unit had also degraded, due in part to constant social contact with subordinate castes. This led to unacceptable numbers of casualties in their battles, even in victory.

Composition History[edit]




Game Rules[edit]

  • Using Field Manual: Crusader Clans' Force Specific Rules, Theta Galaxy suffers from a -2 to its Initiative when it fights with fifteen (Trinary) or more units.[9]


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