Third Andurien War

The Third Andurien War was a conflict between the Free Worlds League and Capellan Confederation that took place from 2551 until 2556. The resolution to the war was the first step towards the creation of the Star League and the end of the Age of War.[1][2]


In 2551, Terrence Liao ascended to the Capellan throne. In an attempt to win the love of the Capellan people and the admiration and respect of his interstellar neighbors, he decided to follow old grievances and - in a show of strength - take over the Duchy of Andurien. The Third Andurien War began in October of the year of his inauguration.[3]


As he had done during the Second Andurien War, the now 73-year-old Captain-General took personal command of the front. Much as it had happened before, the conflict went poorly for the Capellan Confederation and after five years during which the conflict threatened to escalate, negotiations under the mediation of Ian Cameron ended the war.[4]

Peace Treaties[edit]

The Andurien Peace Treaty gave Andurien to the Capellan Confederation. [2] In return for this, Terence Liao signed the Treaty of Geneva, the first treaty which would pave the way to the constitution of the Star League. In return for the concessions made in the Andurien Peace Treaty, the Treaty of Geneva guaranteed House Marik the right to the seat of the Free Worlds League at the later Star League High Council.[5]


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  • Start Date - 2551
  • End Date - 2556