3rd Striker Regiment

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Third Striker Regiment
Disbanded 2784[1]
Affiliation Star League
Parent Command 251st BattleMech Division

The Third Striker Regiment was a part of the Star League Defense Force Regular Army.


Reunification War[edit]

The Third Striker Regiment was one of the SLDF commands mustered during the early decades of the Star League, and took part in Operation BULL RUN, the conquest of the Taurian Concordat during the Reunification War. The Third saw action during the brutal campaign to conquer New Vandenberg, and was involved in the final major battle of the assault; on the 23rd of August 2588, the Third and a sister regiment, the First Striker Regiment, surrounded and captured the last few surviving companies that constituted all that was left of the 122nd Concordat Chasseurs near New Vandenberg's south pole.[2]

Star League Era[edit]

In 2764 the Third was a part of the 251st BattleMech Division and was assigned to XIV Corps, a part of the Fourteenth Army.[3][4]

Stationed in District 1 of the Draconis Combine Military Region and then later transferred to District 3 by 2765 to take part in the Periphery Uprising.[5]


Despite the fate of the Third being regarded as unknown for several centuries after the fall of the Star League,[5] subsequent publications released in the thirty-first and thirty-second centuries revealed that the Third almost certainly survived the Hegemony campaign and remained in the Inner Sphere, joining Major General Lauren Hayes and the other SLDF units who chose to join ComStar in support of Jerome Blake. The Third is believed to have formed the basis of the "mercenaries" used to create the Eighth ComStar Expeditionary Division in 2784, along with the Eighty-ninth Dragoon Regiment, 231st Striker Regiment and 321st Hussar Regiment.[1]

Operating alongside the Thirteenth Royal Infantry Division[3] (masquerading as the Fifth ComStar Expeditionary Division)[1] the Third was involved in the most serious fighting of SILVER SHIELD, when they assaulted two former SLDF Mechanized Infantry Divisions[3] - the Seventy-first and 123rd[6] - in the Amazon rainforest on Terra.[3][6]

Following SILVER SHIELD in June 2788 the vast majority of the Expeditionary Divisions were demobilized and their equipment cached for the future, forming the basis of the later Com Guards.[7]


Rank Name Command
Commanding Officers of the 3rd Striker Regiment



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