Thomas Barton

Thomas Barton
Character Profile
Affiliation Federated Suns
Profession MechWarrior
Children Marcus Barton[1]

Thomas Barton was an officer with Federated Suns.


Thomas Barton was a former field officer for the AFFS in the late thirtieth century. Both Barton and his rival, Lester J. Otto were candidates for a vacant generalship in the Federated Suns military. Because Barton's combat record vastly surpassed his own, Otto used his family's influence and political connections to win the promotion. Barton was asked to wait for the next available position.

Thomas, unwilling to wait, resigned from the AFFS in 2991. Davion High Command, angered by this action, ordered Tom Barton stripped of his Mech and any other military property. Barton's knowledge of military operations made him a security risk and Davion agents monitored all of his movements and he found it impossible to leave Davion space. Barton was forced to sell everything he owned Ian in 2993 was able to escape into Steiner space. He never fully recovered from Davion's betrayal and died a broken man. His son, Marcus, swore vengeance against House Davion and against Otto. In 3044, Marcus Barton would gain his revenge[1]


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