Thomas Marik (False)

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Thomas Marik
Also known as Thomas Halas
Born unknown
Died 3097
Affiliation House Marik
Captain-General of the Free Worlds League
Spouse Sophina Desiree
Sherryl Halas
Children Joshua Marik
Janos III
Christopher Marik
Jessica Marik
This article is about the "false" Thomas Marik, who would rule the Free Worlds League, presumably with the real Thomas Marik's consent and possibly even following his orders for a time at least.

Introducing the body double[edit]

On 1 June 3035 at a meeting to discuss ways to bring the Duchy of Andurien back into the League, a bomb exploded. It was initially believed that all inside had perished, Janos' legitimate heir, Thomas, was narrowly rescued from the attack by ComStar, but his extensive injuries required the use of bionics to save him. It was then decided that a body double should take his place as Captain-General of the Free Worlds League, ostensibly because the people of the Free Worlds League carry strong sentiments against "cyborgs", including prosthetics as well as cybernetic enhancements.

It ultimately remains uncertain to what extent the real Thomas Marik, who always pulled the strings from behind the scenes henceforth, had or even desired control over the rule that his double subsequently exerted over the Free Worlds League in his stead, while Thomas himself became a religious zealot, embracing the teachings of Conrad Toyama.

With the popular "Thomas Marik" back after more than a year, an enthusiastic Parliament acceded to his many demands in order to be rid of Duncan. Most of these requests were laws that concentrated more power in the Captain-General's hands than there had ever been before, including veto power.[1]


"Thomas", now Captain-General, decided to cement his power by much the same means. Leading a much more measured response, he eventually reclaimed Andurien and rebel Dame Catherine Humphreys in 3040. Though she died from a heart attack while awaiting trial, he pardoned many military and political leaders to aid reconciliation. This paid off when many members of the former Defenders of Andurien joined a new federal force that Thomas created, the Free Worlds Legionnaires.[1][2]

The new Captain-General sought stability and peace above all else. Though his realm was unaffected by the Clan invasion, he still traveled to Outreach in 3051 for the summit concerning how to deal with them. There, he provided the voice of reason, the perfect counterpoint to Romano Liao. After she stormed out, "Thomas" and Prince Hanse Davion agreed that the FWL would convert its industry to provide refit packages to Federated Commonwealth troops so that they could more effectively combat the Clans through using the advanced Star League technology provided by the FWL. In exchange, Hanse offered to treat Marik's son and heir Joshua and his leukemia at the New Avalon Institute of Science.[3]

The League continued to provide refit packages, even after the temporary defeat of the Clans and the Truce of Tukayyid, and the League's industry grew larger and richer with a guaranteed market for its new, high-tech goods. As the flow of refits slowed, "Thomas" directed the Free Worlds League Military to purchase them, resulting in a technologically sophisticated BattleMech force. This force was soon put to the test.

ComStar schism[edit]

The fallout of Primus Myndo Waterly's Operation Scorpion and her subsequent assassination by Precentor Martial Anastasius Focht led to a schism within ComStar. Focht and newly-elected Primus Sharilar Mori decided to reform the order and remove many of its mystical trappings, but there was a group of reactionaries who did not agree with these changes. Sticking to the old ways, they seceded from the secularized order as the radical splinter group Word of Blake in 3052. They were a very diverse group in the beginning, united only through their disapproval of the changes within ComStar. Although they initially lacked a coherent leadership, Thomas Marik was almost certainly among their leaders right from the start.

Early on, the Captain-General of the Free Worlds League (Thomas' double, acting as Thomas) allowed tens of thousands of Word of Blake zealots to settle on the FWL world of Gibson. This was almost certainly the real Thomas Marik's doing. He was named Primus-in-exile by them, which was apparently more an honorary title at the time as the various factions of the Word of Blake could not agree on a real leader. The Word also took over the administration of HPGs from ComStar wherever possible, ensuring them a source of revenue.

War of 3057[edit]

In 3057, Joshua Marik lost his battle with leukemia and died while in the care of the Federated Commonwealth. In his inexperience, the new FedCom ruler Victor Steiner-Davion fell back on a plan his father had created that dealt with such a contingency. Fearing that the Captain-General would cease the flow of upgrades, Victor instituted Operation Doppelganger, replacing Joshua with a body double. Although he never intended to place a pawn on the throne of the Free Worlds League, when Thomas discovered the switch that seemed the logical goal of the plan.

Following the discovery of Joshua's death and replacement by a double, the Free Worlds League made a tentative alliance with Chancellor Sun-Tzu Liao of the Capellan Confederation to punish the Federated Commonwealth for this duplicity. The two nations launched a joint invasion with the goal of regaining all of the territories Thomas' father had lost during the Fourth Succession War, with stunning success. The FWL ended the offensive after having recaptured their worlds.

Star League[edit]

Now an elder statesman of the Inner Sphere, "Thomas" traveled to Tharkad to take part in the First Whitting Conference in 3058 where the Star League was resurrected. Here, Victor Steiner-Davion all but told "Thomas" that he knew he was not the real son of Janos Marik, but Victor did nothing as the false Thomas was a stabilizing influence on the Star League Council.

The Free Worlds League was relatively quiet through the late 3050s and early 3060s, until the FedCom Civil War. During that war, Thomas' half-sister Kristen Marik and her mercenary unit, Kristen's Krushers, were garrisoning Coventry when they were attacked by Lyran troops. The false Thomas did nothing to help the woman who was supposedly his little sister, though Marshall Jeremy Brett (in defiance of a direct order from him) rescued what was left of the unit on Arcadia. The world was held as a protectorate through the end of the war, after which "Thomas" returned it to the Lyran Alliance.

At the 3064 Whitting Conference, "Thomas" nominated the Word of Blake for entrance into the Star League. While this was obviously desirable to him, as it would give him a member that would basically vote the way he wanted, it was also an incredibly desirable outcome to the Toyama faction of the Word. This faction contained the radical Sixth of June, led by none other than (the real) Thomas Marik, "The Master". The real Thomas Marik believed that the Word of Blake would come to greatness through three "transfers of power," the last of which was their membership in the Star League. A ComStar audit of Blakist funding turned up some corruption of the funds paid to them by the Free Worlds, but the Captain-General's internal audit revealed a much more disturbing situation. Incredible amounts of M-Bills had been siphoned off to the Word of Blake, which even Precentor William Blane could not account for. Blane and the false Thomas concluded that only the real Thomas Marik could have been responsible for the numbers. With that revelation, "Thomas" resigned as Primus-in-exile.

The year 3067 saw the greatest challenge to the Captain-General's rule. Kristen's daughter Alys Rousset-Marik started the Great Debate. She argued that Resolution 288, the legislation that established the Captain-General as a permanent position, should no longer be in effect, as there was no emergency (which 288 is contingent upon). With the Free Worlds League at peace and the Star League resurrected, she argued, the office of the Captain-General should revert to a position that was assigned as needed. While this took much of the false Thomas' attention, it ultimately came to naught.


The Fourth Whitting Conference in 3067 saw the dissolution of the Star League. When the Capellan Confederation, Federated Suns, and host Lyran Alliance announced their intentions to pull out of the League, outgoing First Lord Christian Mansdottir called for a vote of no-confidence in the League with the intention of forcing them back in. Even with the admission of the provisional members, the vote failed and the Star League dissolved. The Word of Blake, especially Thomas Marik's Sixth of June, were incensed and attempted to force the Alliance and Suns back into the League through intimidating force aimed at their respective capitals. When that failed, the Blakists engulfed the Inner Sphere and near Periphery in their Jihad.

"Thomas" finally attempted to break his dependency on the Blakists, to which they responded by using a chemical attack to kill the members of Parliament and the 1st Knights of the Inner Sphere. They also revealed the knowledge that the Captain-General was an impostor placed on the throne by ComStar. Despite that, the false Thomas attempted to stay on, but was deposed by Thomas' brother, Paul in 3069. Paul put his daughter Corinne on the throne, though she did not prove to be as malleable as the Word had hoped.[4] Others attempted to claim the Captain-Generalcy, namely Therese Marik and Kirc Cameron-Jones, leading to four different Captain-Generals and effectively shattering the Free Worlds League as a political entity (a situation that persisted until 3139). His attempts of the fake Thomas to replace the original Thomas Marik at the command of the League, and get rid of the Word of Blake failed. An assasination attempt took the lives of his older sons Janos and Christopher. Only the youngest daughter, Jessica, survived. There are not too many data about what this Thomas do after this, but somehow, he took the command of the Oriente Protectorate.

Death and Legacy[edit]

Thomas Halas passed away in 3097, succeeded by his only surviving daughter, Jessica Marik. She continued his good work, and eventually succeeded in resurrecting the Free Worlds League, at his command, in 3139.[citation needed]

Marriage and children[edit]

Thomas Marik (the "Real" Thomas Marik) was survived by one illegitimate child, Isis. His only legitimate child, Joshua (actually the son of Thomas Halas), died in 3057 while being treated for his leukemia on New Avalon. (Thomas Halas later had three other children, but by this time he was revealed to have been an impostor.)[citation needed]

Titles and Positions[edit]

Preceded by
Duncan Marik
Captain-General of the Free Worlds League

Succeeded by
Corinne Marik
Preceded by
Janos Marik
Duke of Atreus and Marik

Succeeded by
Corinne Marik

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