Threads of Ambition

Threads of Ambition.jpg
Threads of Ambition
Product information
Type Novel
Author Loren L. Coleman
Pages 267
Cover Artwork Bruce Jensen
Publication information
Publisher Roc Books
First published 01 May 1999
ISBN-10 0451457447
ISBN-13 978-0451457448
Era Civil War era
Timeline 3060 - 3061
Series The Capellan Solution
Preceded by none
Followed by The Killing Fields

Threads of Ambition, by Loren L. Coleman, is the first book in The Capellan Solution duology. It covers the beginning of the Capellan-St. Ives War.

The novel was made available on BattleCorps on 7 November 2010 as a PDF file (text only, without cover, pictures, or any other interior artwork except for the usual BattleCorps frame graphics). The PDF copy includes a disclaimer stating that it was created from a pre-final edition text that might differ from the printed version and that canon-wise, the print edition trumps the PDF edition.

From the Back Cover[edit]

Sun-Tzu Liao is the First Lord of the resurrected Star League. In the last year of his reign, he decides to milk his power for every ounce of benefit for himself. His dream to rebuild his Capellan Confederation at any cost is about to become a reality. His first victim: his own aunt, Candace Liao, who deserted the Confederation in the Fourth Succession War, taking the St. Ives Compact with her.

Answering Sun-Tzu's call to battle is Warrior House Hiritsu, always ready to serve, and the Hustaing Warriors, who will do what is necessary to get the job done. As border skirmishes between BattleMechs turn bloody, military units rally to Candance Liao's call to hold the line. Both sides are unyielding in this hard-fought war. And as Capellan fights Capellan, the high price of glory will be paid in full...


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Foreign-Language Editions[edit]


A German edition, translated by Reinhold H. Mai, was published by Heyne in 2000 as Gefährlicher Ehrgeiz (ISBN 9783453156708).[1]


A Hungarian edition, translated by Novák Gábor, was published by Beholder in 2006 as A becsvágy hálójában.[2]


A Russian edition, translated by E. Samokhina, was published by Дрофа (Drofa) in 2003 as Нити амбиций (ISBN 5710769339) as part of a series produced in collaboration with Армада-пресс (Armada-Press). [3] [4]



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