Thunderbolt 15

Thunderbolt 15
Production information
Type Missile
Tech Base Inner Sphere
Advanced Technology[1]
Year Availability 3072
Technical specifications
Heat 7
Damage 15
Minimum Range 5
Short Range 1-6
Medium Range 7-12
Long Range 13-18
Tons 11
Critical Slots 3
Ammo Per Ton 4
Cost (unloaded) 325,000[2]
Ammo Cost (per ton) 50,000
BV (1.0)  ???
BV (2.0) 229/46 for launcher
29 for ammo

This article is about the missile weapon. For the BattleMech of the same name, see Thunderbolt.


First developed by the Federated Commonwealth in the mid-3050s for the Solaris arenas, the Thunderbolt launcher is an offshoot of standard LRM technology. Instead of firing a group of fifteen missiles, the Thunderbolt 15 launcher fires a single missile that inflicts as much damage as a Gauss Rifle. This increased damage is made up for by the slightly reduced range and increases to the weapon's heat and weight. The Thunderbolt missile is also more vulnerable to anti-missile systems.

Thunderbolt missile launchers cannot use Artemis IV or Narc guidance systems, but operate like LRMs in every other way.


The Thunderbolt 15 is produced on the following planets:

Brand Planet Company
Solaris Arms XT-15 Solaris Solaris Arms[3]
Defiance Bombard Furillo Defiance Industries[4]


The Thunderbolt missile launcher series were based on the weapon of the same name introduced in Unbound. That weapon fired a single missile with the range and damage profile of an Autocannon/10.[5]


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