Production information
Manufacturer O’Neil Shipyards
Production Year 3075[1]
Use Pocket WarShip
Type Military Spheroid
Tech Base Inner Sphere (Advanced)
Technical specifications
Mass 36,000 tons
Structural Integrity 75
Length 90 meters
Width 90 meters
Height 170 meters
Drive System Fusion
Safe Thrust 2 g
Max Thrust 3 g
Fuel (tons) 500
Fuel (days) 1.84
Armor Heavy Ferro Aluminum
Crew 9 officers
10 enlisted/non-rated
40 gunners
12 bay personnel
36 battle armor marines
Heat Sinks 526 (1052)
BV (2.0) 50,146[2]


The Tiamat Class Pocket WarShip is a Jihad era DropShip designed originally by the Word of Blake. The ship was originally conceived by order of the Manei Domini commanding officer, Apollyon, in 3066. It was later redesigned for use with the Republic of the Sphere's armed forces after the Jihad.[3][4]

Ship History[edit]

The Tiamat was designed as a command and control vessel for the Manei Domini, intended to take on and destroy multiple Star League era WarShips in an engagement. Its designers made the original model able to withstand considerable punishment. The first ship was operational by 3076. The Tiamat was exclusive to the Manei Domini's use. However, escalating pressures of the war prompted the design to be employed by regular Word of Blake forces, but only under certain conditions. Apollyon had ordered that no "frail" human should be allowed to control the vessels. Eventually, Precentor Martial Cameron St. Jamais managed to convince Apollyon to release the design for regular Blakist use. Apollyon suggested the vessels be converted with the new Caspar II drone technology. These vessels were used effectively in the defense of the last of the Word of Blake Protectorate worlds, including the Liberation of Terra.[5]

After the war, the newly formed Republic of the Sphere, needing to build up its Black Water Navy, used the designs for a manned version of the Tiamat. The ship was put into production at Terra's badly damaged O'Neil Shipyards by 3085.[6]

Armament and Capacities[edit]


The Standard or Republic version of the Tiamat produced less thrust than the earlier Blakist Drone configuration, capable of only 3 g of acceleration. However, the ship makes up for its lack of speed with firepower. The ship features a mix of Capital and Sub-Capital grade weaponry. The bulk of the ship's weaponry is focused in its forward arcs, which harkens to its Drone configuration's intended mission as an interceptor.

Nose-Mounted Weapons[edit]

  • Capital and Sub-Capital Weaponry: The nose has a Teleoperated Kraken Missile Launcher with 80 rounds of fire. The ship also features six Heavy Sub-Capital Cannons and a weapons bay of three Class 3 Sub-Capital Lasers.
  • Standard Weaponry: Backing up the capital/sub-capital weaponry includes four Heavy Gauss Rifles and four Extended-Range PPCs. The ship also uses 5 advance tech Laser Anti-Missile Systems.

Front Left/Right Sides[edit]

  • Capital and Sub-Capital Weaponry: Each of side of the ship has 6 Sub-Capital Laser/3s in a single weapons bay. Also, each side has a single AR-10 launcher with a weapons load of 20 Killer Whale and Barracuda capital missiles.
  • Standard Weaponry: Among each side's standard weapons, there are 4 Heavy PPCs, 4 ER Large Lasers and 4 Artemis IV guided MML-9 Launchers. A cluster of 5 Laser AMS also mounted provides some protection from incoming missile fire.

Aft Left/Right Sides[edit]

  • Standard Weaponry: Each of the aft sides include 4 advanced tech Large Variable-Speed Pulse Lasers, with two conventional ER Large Lasers, 4 additional Artemis IV MML-9s launchers. This flank also features four Laser AMS weapons bay.

Aft Weapons Bays[edit]

  • Sub-Capital Weaponry: Pair of Piranha Sub-Capital Missile launchers are mounted in aft arc with a 30 missile load worth of ammunition.
  • Standard Weaponry: Four Laser VSP Lasers and 4 additional Artemis IV MML-9s launchers round out offensive weaponry for the aft arc. As part its defensive systems, 4 additional Laser AMS and single Screen Launcher with a 20 round of ammunition rounds.


The ship is protected by 219 tons worth of Heavy Ferro Aluminum armor, which provides a considerable amount of protection for the ship. The ship is equipped with 10 Life boats to allow for the ship's crew to evacuate the vessel.[7]


  • Bay 1: Fighter Bay (6) - 6 Doors
  • Bay 2: Cargo (1,582 tons) - 1 Door


  • Tiamat Class Pocket WarShip Caspar II Drone 
    Introduced in 3079, the experimental Drone version of the Tiamat was a faster vessel. The ship's CASPAR II Advanced Smart Robotic Control System was able to move at its maximum speed factor of 8 while providing for decent robotic gunnery capacity. The ship shares same armor protection as with Republic's manned version, but has considerably less weaponry. The ship has same similar standard & Sub-Capital weaponry loadout, but lacks any of the Capital Weaponry, Multi-Missile Launchers or Laser AMS which is substituted for standard ballistic version. The ship has an ARTS-equipped fighter bay for Drone fighters, and has considerably smaller cargo capacity. BV (2.0) = 47,813[8][1]
  • Tiamat II (3112 Upgrade) 
    Known as the Tiamat II, this variant was introduced by the Republic of the Sphere. To allow it to coordinate with squadron mates better, engineers removed the Kraken-T launcher from the nose and used the freed space to install a Naval C3 System.[9] BV (2.0) = 57,241[10][11]


As of this writing, only the Drone and 3112 upgrade versions of the Tiamat II have canon published record sheets.


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