Vessel Profile
Type WarShip
Class Aegis


The Tigershark was an Aegis-class heavy cruiser obtained by the Rim Worlds Republic. The Rim Worlds operated the Tigershark as the RWS Tigershark, and during Operation APOTHEOSIS, the coup launched by Stefan Amaris to seize control of the Terran Hegemony, the Tigershark was involved in the battle for control of New Dallas.[1]

The initial Republican attempts to neutralize the Star League Defense Force garrison on New Dallas was unsuccessful, thanks to a combination of suspicion on the parts of the local SLDF commander and retired General Titus Clay, governor of New Dallas, both of whom mistrusted the Republican forces on the planet under the command of General Viktoria Benboudaoud. Benboudaoud's 154th Amaris Dragoons were unable to seize control of the HPG compound or much of the local SDS network, and the Amaris Dragoons were crushed on the ground while the Republican WarShip flotilla charged with seizing the jump points in the New Dallas system were destroyed by those SDS drones under the control of New Dallas.[2]

On the 27th of January 2767 Republican Admiral Otto Idowu brought a fleet of thirty assorted Republican WarShips including the Tigershark to secure New Dallas, escorted by those SDS drones the Republicans had secured control of.[2] Idowu fought a bloody engagement with the remaining SDS drones in orbit above New Dallas, which the New Dallas forces augmented with the ground-based capital missiles they had available.[1] Idowu then gave the planetary forces twenty-four hours to surrender; Clay and Major General Carlos Kataga, the SLDF commander on-world, refused to surrender and launched the AeroSpace Fighter squadrons they had available in a futile attempt to destroy the Republican forces.[2] With aerospace superiority assured, Idowu then proceeded to bombard every military installation on the planet from orbit, ending organized resistance and claiming control of New Dallas, although resistance against the Republican regime known as the Amaris Empire would be prolific and impossible to stamp out during the occupation.[1][2]


The Tigershark is only mentioned by name in Historical Turning Points: New Dallas; between thirty[3] and thirty-six[4][5] Aegis-class ships were handed over to the various Star League council lords in the build up to the Reunification War, while the remainder received extensive refits and formed a part of the Star League Defense Force, with new features installed that included a Lithium-Fusion Battery System.[3][4][5] A question was asked on the official Ask The Writers forum was asked regarding which build standard of Aegis the Tigershark was, but no definitive answer was given.[6]

In 2767 the Tigershark was assigned two Achilles-class DropShips.[1]


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