Tigress (Small Craft class)

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TiG-15 Tigress Close Patrol Craft.JPG
TIG-15 "Tigress" Close Patrol Craft (Gunship)
Production information
Manufacturer Vandenburg Mechanized Industries[1]
Use star system patrol
anti-pirate craft
early warning craft
Type Military Aerodyne
Tech Base Inner Sphere Standard
Technical specifications
Mass 150 tons
Structural Integrity 6
Length 20 meters
Width 22 meters
Height meters
Drive System Fusion
Safe Thrust 4
Max Thrust 6
Fuel (tons)
Fuel (days)
Armament 1 x PPC
1 x LRM 15
4 x Medium Lasers
Armor Nose: 64
Wings: 57
Aft: 46
Crew 4
Heat Sinks 20
BV (1.0)  ???
BV (2.0) 1,152[1]


Designed by Vandenburg Mechanized Industries at the fall of the Star League, the Tigress was designed to initially serve as a DropShip and WarShip escort. However, due to changing priorities for the defense of the Taurian Concordat, it was re-assigned as a system patrol craft.[1]

The craft is principally part of the defense networks of the Hyades Cluster. Tigress Gunships were noted in their suicidal deployment in a nuclear strike that crippled New Syrtis Shipyards during the 3076 raid of New Syrtis.[2]

Weapons and Equipment[edit]

The gunship was given a Particle Projection Cannon and a Fifteen-Tube Long Range Missile rack mounted in the nose to snipe at long range targets. The launcher has 32 salvos of missiles, keeping the ship well-supplied with ammunition on its week-long patrols. For close-in combat, the ship has an additional four Medium Lasers split between the two wings.[1]

The ship's fusion engine is powerful enough move the ship up to maximum thrust of 6. The ship carries 15 tons of fuel, which can last a total of 8.15 days if used continuously. The vessel has a crew requirement of 3 pilots and a gunner; although the craft may be operated with less than a full crew.[1]


The Tigress has a seven ton cargo bay, with a single cargo door.

Related Designs[edit]


The Tigress, when first published in PDF form, had a mix of two battle values. The fluff description on page 201 had the correct battle value.[3]


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