Tikonov Guards

Insignia of the Tikonov Guards
Tikonov Guards
Formed Between 3134 and 3145
Affiliation Capellan Confederation
Parent Command Capellan Confederation Armed Forces
Sub-Command(s) See Units of the Tikonov Guards



Named after the famed Age of War era brigade that fought for the Capellan Confederation, the present day (3145) Tikonov Guards were formed from Freedom Fighters, Revolutionaries, Defectors and Dissidents that rose up against the Republic of the Sphere and Federated Suns following the events of Gray Monday. Initially equipped with armed civilian 'Mechs and whatever else was at hand, these ragtag rebels were eventually formed into individual BattleMech Augmented Regiments one after another as the Capellan Confederation Armed Forces advanced into their specific regions.[1]

All Tikonov Guards regiments were originally equipped from Capellan stockpiled equipment such as Assassins and Firebees.[2] They preferred locally produced weapons like Koscheis and Thunderbolts as replacements.[3]

The Tikonov Guards were considered the reserve regiments of the Tikonov Commonality.[4]

Operation GREAT FLOOD[edit]

The First and Second Tikonov Guards were formed during and fought in Operation GREAT FLOOD. The Third Tikonov Guards were formed near the end and did not fight.

Operation CELESTIAL REWARD[edit]

The First, Second and Third Tikonov Guards fought in Operation CELESTIAL REWARD. The Fourth Tikonov Guards were formed during this period.


All military forces inside a Commonality are commanded by a Line Director and a Home Guard Director. The Line Director is also responsible for the readiness, supply, training and personnel needs of all front-line and reserve regiments based in the Commonality, even if they are assigned to another Commonality temporarily. [5]

Rank Name Command
Commanding Officers of the Tikonov Guards
Line Director Jiang-jun Pjotr Lebed 3145[6]
Home Guard Director Jiang-jun Samitra Yuen 3145[6]


Different per unit

Units of the Tikonov Guards[edit]

Color Scheme and Unit Insignia[edit]

All equipment is painted dark green and goldenrod, unchanged from the originally supplied weapons.[1]


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