Tikonov Republican Guards

Insignia of the Tikonov Republican Guard
Tikonov Republican Guards
Formed 3029
Disbanded 3067
Nickname "The Republicans"
Affiliation Lyran Alliance
Federated Commonwealth (previous)
Tikonov Free Republic (previous)
Parent Command LCAF
AFFC (previous)
Tikonov Free Republic Army (previous)


Formed from the remnants of the CCAF stationed within the former Tikonov Commonality, the Tikonov Republican Guard was the garrison of the Tikonov Free Republic. When the TFR joined the Federated Commonwealth after the assassination of Lord Pavel Ridzik, the Republican Guard units were absorbed into the AFFC as part of the LCAF, wary of their longtime enemies in House Davion.[1]

At their height, the Tikonov Republican Guards consisted of five regiments. One regiment was destroyed during Operation Guerrero, while another deserted. The remaining three regiments were destroyed in the FedCom Civil War.

After Gray Monday the CCAF took several prefectures from the Republic of the Sphere. These worlds were part of the old Tikonov Commonality and the units raised here were designated the Tikonov Guards.[2]


Rank Name Command
Commanding Officers of the Tikonov Republican Guards


Different per Unit.

Composition History[edit]

3062 - 3 commands [3]

Units of the Tikonov Republican Guards[edit]

The Tiknonov Republican Guard consisted of five regiments:


  • The 1st Republican Guards was destroyed during FedCom Civil War.
  • The 2nd Republican Guards was destroyed during FedCom Civil War.
  • The 3rd Republican Guards was destroyed during FedCom Civil War.
  • The 4th Republican Guards deserted during Operation Guerrero.
  • The 5th Republican Guards was destroyed during Operation Guerrero.

Color Scheme and Unit Insignia[edit]

The Guards units use a red and black paint scheme.


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