Timber Wolf (Mad Cat)

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Timber Wolf (Mad Cat)
Timber Wolf
Production information
Manufacturer Kallon Weapon Industries[1]

Wolf Clan Site 1[2]

Wolf Clan Site #2[2]

WC Site 3

WC Site 7[3]

Production Year 2945[4][5]
Model Prime[2]
Class Heavy
Cost 24,233,124 C-bills
Technical specifications
'Mech type Clan OmniMech
Mass 75 tons
Chassis Type W3 Endo-Steel
Armor Composite A-2 Ferro-Fibrous
Engine Starfire 375 XL
Communications System Khan Series (Type 2c)
Targeting Tracking System Series III OPT
Heat Sinks 15 double
Speed 86 km/h

Primary Configuration

BV (1.0) 2,252[6]
BV (2.0) 2,737[2][7]


The Timber Wolf is a fast, heavy OmniMech. A signature design of the Clans' military might, it was arguably the first Clan OmniMech encountered by Inner Sphere forces (as opposed to periphery forces) on The Rock in 3049 by Phelan Kell.[5][8][9]

Vaguely resembling a cross between the MAD (Marauder) and CAT (Catapult) series, the Timber Wolf was tagged with the Inner Sphere reporting name Mad Cat on first contact. (The targeting computer on Phelan Kell's Wolfhound switched between MAD and CAT when trying to identify it; upon analyzing the data recording from Kell's 'Mech, Precentor Martial Anastasius Focht later officially designated it "Mad Cat".[5][8][9]

The Timber Wolf is vastly more powerful than either the 3025-era Marauder or Catapult, and features approximately as much firepower as both of those mechs combined. It uses its speed and firepower to engage an enemy at the range of its choosing. When first encountered by Inner Sphere forces the idea that a heavy 'Mech could move so swiftly while being as heavily armed and armored as the Timber Wolf was inconceivable. With its twelve tons of ferro-fibrous armor and an arsenal that rivaled most assault 'Mechs of the era, it was completely alien to Inner Sphere military planners, commanders, and even the Precentor Martial of ComStar. First introduced in 2945, the Timber Wolf was designed by Clan Wolf as a second generation OmniMech along with the Gargoyle and the Naga to replace the aging Woodsman. While the Gargoyle may have been a very capable, fast assault OmniMech, and the Naga may have been an excellent fire-support OmniMech, Clan Wolf (and indeed every other Clan) instantly realized the value of the Timber Wolf; thus, production rights to the Timber Wolf were jealously (and successfully) defended. Only through trade, gifts and battlefield salvage has the Timber Wolf entered the armies of other Clans. Until the invasion of the Inner Sphere, production of the Timber Wolf has been limited to a single facility on Strana Mechty.[5][8][9]

Despite its prominence among the Wolves during the Clan Invasion, Refusal War and Word of Blake Jihad, the Timber Wolf became increasingly rare following the sundering of ties with the Homeworld Clans during the Wars of Reaving and Blakist scouring of Tamar. Being built by hand at W-7 plant on Weingarten as of 3080, with some parts even being individually machined due to missing data,[3] attrition vastly outstripped supply as the Wolves looked toward other designs. When Alaric Ward forged the Wolf Empire, he left the W-7 facilities to Clan Hell's Horses and ordered the Kallon plant on Thermopolis be retooled for Timber Wolf production, restoring its position within the Wolves Touman.[1]

Weapons and Equipment[edit]

The default configuration of the Timber Wolf features a well-blended mix of energy and missile weaponry; primarily extended-range lasers and long range missile racks that give the Timber Wolf considerable firepower at medium and long range. A pair of LRM-20 racks supplemented by two Extended Range Large Lasers make up the bulk of the Timber Wolf's firepower. The Timber Wolf also has an array of lighter, shorter ranged weaponry for use once the 'Mech draws closer to its prey: two ER Medium Lasers and a Medium Pulse Laser. Finally, it has two Machine Guns for point defense against infantry. Even on the modern battlefield the primary configuration of the Timber Wolf is a force to be reckoned with.[5][8][9]

Alternate Configurations[edit]

  • Alternate Configuration A 
    Configured specifically for long range, direct fire combat, the A configuration of the Timber Wolf is armed with a pair of ER PPCs. These give the Timber Wolf A the capability of stripping nearly two tons of armor off of an enemy 'Mech at extreme ranges. For close combat, the A configuration has three Medium Pulse Lasers, an ER Small Laser, and a Streak SRM-6 to find any weak points in an enemy's armor; five extra heat sinks take some of the strain.[2] BV (1.0) = 2,470;[6] BV (2.0) = 2,854[2][10]
  • Alternate Configuration B 
    Armed to engage an enemy at either short or long ranges, the B configuration is an attempt to use the Timber Wolf in a workhorse role. For long-range combat, a Gauss rifle and an LRM-10 launcher gives the Timber Wolf B a powerful punch. For short- to medium-range engagements, a Large Pulse Laser is carried. Finally, for short ranges, a Small Pulse Laser and SRM-4 launcher are carried. Additionally, both of the missile launchers are linked to an Artemis IV Fire Control System to allow for greater missile accuracy.[2] BV (1.0) = 2,012;[6] BV (2.0) = 2,224[2][11]
  • Alternate Configuration C 
    A long-range configuration of the Timber Wolf, the C configuration carries an assortment of long range weapons. For direct fire, the Timber Wolf C mounts two ER Large Lasers and an Ultra Autocannon/5. For indirect fire support, its two LRM-15 launchers provide ample firepower. Finally, for close range protection, the C carries an ER medium laser and an anti-missile system.[2] BV (1.0) = 2,164;[6] BV (2.0) = 2,500[2][12]
  • Alternate Configuration D 
    This configuration mounts a pair of ER PPCs as its primary weapons. These are supported by four Streak SRM-6 launchers with two in the left torso and two in the right torso; one Streak SRM-6 on each torso is mounted to the rear. A single ER Small Laser rounds out the Timber Wolf D's arsenal.[2] BV (1.0) = 2,351;[6] BV (2.0) = 2,682[2][13]
  • Alternate Configuration E 
    Configured to use the added flexibility of the new Advanced Tactical Missile system, the E configuration mounts two ER Large Lasers as its primary direct fire weapons. The E Configuration also carries two ATM 9 launchers which can fire ammunition that is tailored to the ranges which it is engaging the enemy at. Finally, it carries a Light TAG designator for calling in Arrow IV artillery fire, along with three extra heat sinks.[2] BV (1.0) = 2,194;[6][14] BV (2.0) = 2,444[2][15]
  • Alternate Configuration F 
    Similar to the Prime, the F keeps the ER large/medium laser pairings in the arms and the LRM-20 racks on the side torsos, with an additional ER medium laser in the left torso; a trio of anti-personnel Gauss rifles deal with infantry threats. An extra heat sink sits in each arm.[2] BV (2.0) = 2,764[2][16]
  • Alternate Configuration H 
    A configuration used by Clan Hell's Horses[17] that is capable of engaging an enemy with devastating effect at any range, the H configuration carries a pair of LRM-20 launchers linked to an Artemis IV Fire Control System for long-range firepower. For close combat, two Heavy Large Lasers are carried, each of which can strip a full ton of armor from an enemy 'Mech at short ranges. Finally, seemingly added as an afterthought, an ER Small Laser completes the H's weaponry loadout. Three extra heat sinks are some compensation for the massive laser heat.[2] BV (1.0) = 2,095;[6][18] BV (2.0) = 2,627[2][19]
  • Alternate Configuration M 
    A brawler configuration, the Timber Wolf M mounts an ER PPC in each arm, supported by a pair of LRM-5s in each side torso, a Large Pulse Laser in the left torso and a Heavy Flamer in the center torso. A combined two tons of LRM missiles and a single ton of flamer ammo sit in the torsos alongside a single extra Double Heat Sink. BV (2.0) = 2,741[1]
  • Alternate Configuration N 
    A mix of the Prime and the D configurations, alternate configuration N mounts an ER PPC in each arm alongside an LRM-15 rack in the left and right torsos. These weapons are supported at short range by paired Machine Guns and Medium Pulse Lasers in each side torso. Two tons of LRM reloads and a half ton of machine gun rounds force a focus on the energy weapons with an extra Double Heat Sink tries to assist in managing their heat. BV (2.0) = 2,862[1]
  • Alternate Configuration S 
    A highly maneuverable urban combat configuration of the Timber Wolf, the S mounts five jump jets, allowing it to jump up to one hundred and fifty meters. To offset the inaccuracy generated by engaging the jump jets, the S configuration is armed with a Large Pulse Laser backed up by two Medium Pulse Lasers. The S configuration also carries four SRM-6 launchers and two Machine Guns, making it a deadly close combat fighter; one extra heat sink sits in the right arm with the medium pulse lasers.[2] BV (1.0) = 2,229;[6][20] BV (2.0) = 2,462[2][21]
  • Alternate Configuration T 
    A missile boat configuration, the Timber Wolf T is armed with an Artemis V FCS-enhanced LRM-20 rack in each side torso, supported by an Improved Heavy Medium Laser and ER Medium Laser in each arm and a pair of ER Small Lasers and a single ER Small Pulse Laser in the torsos. Six tons of LRM rounds and two extra double heat sinks give it good field endurance. BV (2.0) = 2,714[1]
  • Alternate Configuration TC 
    The Timber Wolf TC is a Battle of Tukayyid "temporary configuration" that was designed to deal with ambushes. Each arm mounts a Large Pulse Laser and an ER Medium Laser. Each side torso mounts a Streak SRM-6 and one ton of ammo. The left also has an ER Small Laser to help deal with infantry. Five torso-mounted jump jets allow this variant to jump up to 150 meters. BV (2.0) = 2,903[22]
  • Alternate Configuration U 
    Similar to the primary configuration's armament, this version is used in underwater combat. In addition to a BattleMech HarJel System that protects the torsos from hull breaches, the Timber Wolf U also carries four UMUs that allow it to cruise through the water at 43 km/h. The weapons are restricted to a pair of Artemis IV-enhanced LRT-15s on each shoulder, while each arm carries an ER Large Laser and ER Micro Laser. BV (2.0) = 2,627[23]
  • Alternate Configuration W 
    A brutal short-ranged combatant, the Timber Wolf W mounts a mammoth Ultra AC/20 in the right arm, supported by a Streak SRM-6 rack in each side torso, an ER Small Laser in the left torso, and twin ER Medium Lasers in the left arm. Carrying four tons of UAC rounds and single ton of missiles for the ammo efficient Streak launchers, a Supercharger allows the W to close within optimum range as quickly as possible. BV (2.0) = 2,791[1]
  • Alternate Configuration Z 
    Used by The Society's MechWarriors, this version of the Timber Wolf carries twin iATM 9 missile launchers with four tons of ammunition. Each arm carries an ER Large Laser and an ER Medium Pulse Laser. To maximize its battlefield utility it also carries a Nova CEWS in the center torso.[24]

Custom Configurations[edit]

  • Pryde 
    A nonstandard alternate configuration of the Timber Wolf, this configuration was famously used by Star Colonel Aidan Pryde. The primary long range weapons are a pair of ER Large Lasers which are backed up by a pair of LRM-20s for long range combat. For close combat, two ER Medium Lasers are carried as well as an ER Small Laser. The Pryde Configuration also mounts four jump jets making it highly maneuverable. BV (1.0) = 2,624; BV (2.0) = 2,900[25]
  • Bounty Hunter 
    The first custom configuration used by the infamous Bounty Hunter of the time of the initial Clan Invasion, it mounted a Large Pulse Laser and a Medium Pulse Laser in each arm. It also had a Medium Pulse Laser in both the left and right torso with a Clan Light TAG in the center torso. A Light Active Probe, ECM suite, and a Targeting Computer provided stealth and increased accuracy. BV (1.0) = 2,393; BV (2.0) = 2,829[26][27][28]
  • Bounty Hunter 2 
    The second custom configuration used by the Bounty Hunter at the start of Jihad mounted a Large Pulse Laser in the left arm and paired ER Medium Lasers in the right arm, supported by a trio of SRM-4s in the left torso and similar trio of Streak SRM-4s in the right. Rounded out by an Anti-Personnel Gauss Rifle in each side torso and an ER Small Laser in the right, the Bounty Hunter's second Mad Cat also mounted a Targeting Computer as well as a Coolant Pod and three Jump Jets to enhance its effectiveness. A single ton of reloads for each weapon type was carried. BV (2.0) = 2,799[29]
  • BLO 
    A custom configuration used by the Blessed Order's revived First Division's Unending Faith III, the Mad Cat BLO carries an ER PPC in each arm supported by Streak SRM-6 rack in each side torso and an ER Small Laser in the center torso. Carrying two tons of Streak reloads, its combat effectiveness is enhanced by TAG in the right torso and a Light Active Probe and Inner Sphere Improved C3 Computer mounted in left torso. BV (2.0) = 2,611[30]

Apocryphal Configurations[edit]

Apocryphal Content Starts

The information after this notice comes from apocryphal sources; the canonicity of such information is uncertain.
Please view the reference page for information regarding their canonicity.

These variants were introduced in various apocryphal sources, and thus far have not appeared in any canonical media.

From MechWarrior 2:

  • Training variants 
    Variants of the Timber Wolf with cut-down weapons loads were used for training.

From MechWarrior Online:

From MechAssault:

  • In the MechAssault games, the Timber Wolf chassis has two configurations known as the Timber Wolf and, oddly, the Mad Cat. The Timber Wolf configuration is armed with two Gauss Rifles, two Pulse Laser weapons, and four Crossbow SRM tubes. The Mad Cat configuration is armed with two PPCs, two Machine Guns and four Javelin LRM tubes. The specifics of these weapons are not given, due to the MechAssault games' salvage mechanic that allows the MechWarrior to upgrade his 'Mech's weapons mid-mission.

Apocryphal Content Ends

Design Quirks[edit]

The Mad Cat (Timber Wolf) has the following Design Quirks:[32]

Notable Pilots[edit]

See Category:Notable Timber Wolf (Mad Cat) Pilots

Related Designs[edit]

  • Woodsman - The Timber Wolf was one of three designs intended to replace the Woodsman. The Woodsman is an early OmniMech (either first or early second generation). The other OmniMechs intended to replace the Woodsman, the Gargoyle and the Naga, are closer in appearance to the original design.[33][34][35][36]
  • Gargoyle - The Gargoyle was designed as another upgrade over the Woodsman; however, the Gargoyle mounts less armor and has less pod space than the Timber Wolf.[33][34]
  • Naga - The distantly related Naga fire-support OmniMech was another variation of the Woodsman. The Naga extends the torso laterally to accommodate the placement of Arrow IV artillery systems.[34]
  • Linebacker - The Linebacker was designed as an eventual replacement to the Timber Wolf. The Linebacker boasts a single improvement over the venerable Timber Wolf, a higher walking and running speed, allowing the Linebacker to keep pace with lighter, faster OmniMechs. Otherwise, the Linebacker mounts less armor and ten tons less pod space.[37]
  • Mad Cat Mk II - Designed by Clan Diamond Shark for trade and profits, the Mad Cat Mk II is a 90-ton assault BattleMech, with a hull based strongly on that of the Timber Wolf. The Mad Cat Mk II has been dealt to other Home Clans and Inner Sphere armies, hence the choice of the Inner Sphere designation: "Mad Cat".[38][39]
  • Mad Cat III - Following the success of the Mad Cat Mk II, the 55-ton Mad Cat III was an attempt by the Diamond Sharks to trade on the reputation of the original design in the medium weight class.
  • Mad Cat Mk IV (Savage Wolf) - The third Clan Sea Fox BattleMech evoking the weapons loadout and visage of the Timber Wolf, the 75-ton Savage Wolf is very similar to the original, emulating the "D" configuration.
  • Mad Dog (Vulture) - Created by Clan Smoke Jaguar, the Mad Dog OmniMech was derived from both Clan Coyote's Lupus and Clan Wolf's Timber Wolf molds. Although using the same molds could be considered a compliment, the naming proves otherwise as it was intended to be an insult and slur to both the OmniMechs and Clan designers.
  • Rakshasa - Designed by the NAIS for the Federated Commonwealth, the Rakshasa chassis and weapons were designed to "emulate" the primary configuration of the Timber Wolf. The lack of Clan weapons and construction materials, however, prevent an exact duplication of the original's abilities.[40][41]


  • The Timber Wolf/Mad Cat as originally depicted in Technical Readout: 3050 differed slightly from that present in later editions such as Technical Readout: 3050 Revised; the differences are due to changes in the official rules on constructing BattleMechs. Under the original rules, elements of 'Mech construction such as the engine and internal structure could be rounded off to the quarter-ton; this was subsequently changed, with rounding limited to half-ton increments. The original Timber Wolf/Mad Cat mounted a 375 XL engine weighing 19.25 tons and had an Endo Steel internal structure weighing 3.75 tons. When the rule systems were revised, the weight of each component increased to 19.5 and 4 tons each respectively; to compensate for the increase in weight the available Pod Space was reduced to 27.5 tons. This necessitated the following changes to the depicted configurations:[42][43]
  • Prime: A single ER Small Laser mounted in the left torso of the original Prime configuration was removed;
  • A: The number of Double Heat Sinks mounted in the left arm was reduced from 3 to 2, although the number in the right arm remained unchanged;
  • B: A single ER Small Laser mounted in the center torso was removed;
  • C: A single ER Small Laser mounted in the center torso was removed;
  • D: The amount of SRM ammunition carried in the left torso was reduced from two tons to one ton, and a single ER Small Laser was added to the center torso.
  • In German products, the unit's proper Clan name was translated to Waldwolf (literally: Woodwolf or Wolf of the Woods) despite Timberwolf existing as a word for the eponymous animal in German. The unit's proper Inner Sphere name was altered to Katamaran, which means Catamaran.



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