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Note: X and Y are coordinates (light years on XY plane) relative to Terra at (0, 0)

Timbiqui neighbouring systems
Timbiqui neighbouring systems
System Information
X:Y Coordinates -333.734 : -59.235[e]

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The database of the (apocryphal) 1989 video game MechWarrior, set around the year 3025, gives a population of 1.506 billion for Timbiqui and describes the environment as "desert" (out of only three broad impressions of planetary environments given in the game, these being "desert", "ice", or "tropical"). The description one-liner reads "Manufacturing center rich in minerals."

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Planetary History[edit]

Fourth Succession War[edit]

The Free Worlds League conquered Timbiqui in October 3028, one of several systems captured during Operation DAGGER, the Free Worlds League Military Fourth Succession War offensive against the Lyran Commonwealth. Lacking a BattleMech regiment with which to mount a defense, Timbiqui was easily captured.[1]

The Jihad[edit]

Following the invasion of the Free Worlds League by the Skye and Bolan Provinces of the Lyran Alliance in what was termed Operation ÜBERSCHATTEN, Marshall Jeremy Brett took command of the local FWLM and launched a counteroffensive, under the name Operation BROKEN FIST. BROKEN FIST went beyond simply attempting to recapture worlds that the Lyrans had seized, striking into Lyran space at numerous worlds. Timbiqui was one of the worlds hit and was attacked by the League forces on the 3rd of September 3068.[2]

Timbiqui came under fire from a portion of the Knights of the Inner Sphere and the First Fusiliers of Oriente. The planetary militia held off the Knight's arrival, forcing the elite Marik unit to retreat less than a week later. The Fusiliers of Oriente were holed up in the remains of a Ninnimaki Steel foundry, cut off from their DropShips. They were finally able to evacuate the planet though.[3]

Political Affiliation[edit]

Military Deployment[edit]





  • Tenth Lyran Regulars[37]


  • Tenth Lyran Regulars[38]



- At this point in time the 3rd was operating at 40% of full strength, with 90% of their equipment featuring upgraded technology.




Planetary Locations[edit]

  • Braga
  • Bale Valley, where famous beverage manufacturer Timbiqui Spirits is based.

Industrial Centers[edit]

Nearby Planets[edit]

Planets within 2 jumps (60 light-years)
Closest planets first:
Planet Distance (LY) Jumps 2750 3025 3030 3040 3052 3057 3062
Penobscot 13.58 1 FWL LC LC FC FC LA LA
Griffith 17.48 1 FWL FWL FWL FWL FWL FWL FWL
Pencader 18.16 1 FWL LC LC FC FC LA LA
Galisteo 25.82 1 FWL FWL FWL FWL FWL FWL FWL
Cavanaugh II 27.15 1 LC LC LC FC FC LA LA
Schererville 29.00 1 FWL FWL FWL FWL FWL FWL FWL
Abramkovo 30.90 2 FWL LC LC FC FC LA LA
Promised Land 32.57 2 FWL FWL FWL FWL FWL FWL FWL
Saltillo 33.02 2 FWL FWL FWL FWL FWL FWL FWL
Poulsbo 42.22 2 LC LC LC FC FC LA LA
Cerillos 42.71 2 FWL FWL FWL FWL FWL FWL FWL
Edmondson 44.36 2 FWL FWL FWL FWL FWL FWL FWL
Kosciusko 44.81 2 FWL FWL FWL FWL FWL FWL FWL
Diamantina 44.92 2 FWL FWL FWL FWL FWL FWL FWL
Nockatunga 45.42 2 FWL FWL FWL FWL FWL FWL FWL
Biloela 50.18 2 FWL LC LC FC FC LA LA
Khon Kaen 52.76 2 FWL LC LC FC FC LA LA
Millungera 53.26 2 FWL FWL FWL FWL FWL FWL FWL
Circinus 55.58 2 CF CF CF CF CF CF CF
Rajkot 56.28 2 FWL LC LC FC FC LA LA


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