Timbiqui Dark

Considered the favorite constitutional among mercenaries, Timbiqui Dark is arguably the most well known prestige beer in the Inner Sphere and beyond. [1] [2] [3]


Apparently produced as far back as the Star League era[4] by the Raasch Brewhaus on Timbiqui[5] for Timbiqui Spirits, Timbiqui Dark is wildly popular prestige beer among mercenary troops across the Inner Sphere[1], the cadets of famed Nagelring on Tharkad,[6] and famous sports bars like Thor's Shieldhall on the Game World of Solaris VII.[7]

Not merely popular in the Lyran Commonwealth, Timbiqui Dark is a much desired import beer across the Inner Sphere, including the Federated Suns[8], Capellan Confederation,[9] Republic of the Sphere,[10] and even far-flung Periphery states[11] such as the Magistracy of Canopus.[12] With Timbiqui's position along the Lyran-Free Worlds League border, whenever the planet has been raided or traded hands such as briefly during the Fourth Succession War, most parties avoid where possible damaging the brewery and its famous beer.[13]

The Timbiqui Dark even has a cult following among the warriors of the Clans, prompting Clan Diamond Shark to make a generous offer for an exclusive license to import the beverage into Clan space. [2] [3] Most notably the return of Natasha Kerensky and the capture and adoption of Inner Sphere warriors such as Phelan Kell and Ragnar Magnusson would bring the beer to the attention of ilKhan Ulric Kerensky himself on 17 April 3052 on Lothan, the ilKhan liking the taste so much he casually mentioned his intent to conquer the world of Timbiqui to secure it. [1] [6]

While how this information reached Timbiqui Spirits is unknown, modern advertising for Timbiqui Dark has frequently referenced the Clans and specifically ilKhan Kerensky's fondness for the beer in a continuing series of ads that proclaim it to be the "Brew of the ilKhan".[1] Written advertising in MechWarrior Weekly related how the Dirty Pair mercenary unit were apparently able to trade 6,000 crates of the beer to the Wolves Delta Galaxy commander Conal Ward for their freedom on Shaula in 3051,[14] while an extremely popular series of holovid advertisements were filmed with the assistance of then Timbiqui-based 2nd Crucis Lancers RCT. Though technically against the regulations of the Armed Forces of the Federated Suns and Lyran Alliance Armed Forces, with the Federated Suns unit so neglected following Lyran Succession that it barely received enough supplies to remain operational, Hauptmann General Anne Sung signed a sponsorship deal, painting up a lance of the Second's captured Clan BattleMech to resemble Ulric Kerensky's Golden Keshik for filming purposes.[5]

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The BattleTech video game describes Timbiqui Dark as being brewed with a chocolate malt, producing a medium-bodied beer with low bitterness and a pleasant caramel aroma.

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