Timothy Calderon

Timothy Calderon
Character Profile
Died 2330
Affiliation House Calderon
Profession Protector of the Taurian Concordat
Parents Samantha Calderon (mother)
Children Sandra Calderon


Timothy Calderon son of Samantha Calderon and (most likely) Victor Taurens was the driving force behind the maturation of his mother's dream of freedom from the Inner Sphere governments. On Taurus after Samantha's death in 2268, Timothy Calderon was made Protector of the Taurian Homeworlds. Despising the hated, brutal, but democratic Terran Alliance, her son Timothy and the Taurian people agreed that the Protectorship would remain a hereditary Calderon title, further distinguishing the Taurians from the heart of the Inner Sphere.[1]

Armed with sweeping powers, Timothy swiftly fashioned an ordered culture based on simple social egalitarianism: no work, no food. Thus those who did not contribute to the general welfare were in turn denied access to the common welfare. Timothy's quaint social-political theories proved to be just what the growing colony need to expand and prosper. During his 62 years as Protector, Timothy organized select groups of Taurian scientists and geologists colonized the remainder of the Flannagan's Nebulea worlds. At the time of Timothy's death in 2330, he was able to bequeath to his daughter Sandra Calderon six fully developed star systems with a total population of nearly 4.5 million citizens.[1]


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