Timothy Cameron

Timothy Cameron
Born 2536[1][2]
Died 2536[1][2]
Affiliation House Cameron
Parents Ian Cameron (father)
Shandra Noruff (mother)
Siblings Nicholas Cameron

Timothy Cameron (b. 2536 - d. 2536) was the firstborn son of Ian Cameron, the future First Lord of the Star League, and Shandra Noruff, Ian's wife and first Commanding General of the Star League Defense Force.[1]


Having been betrothed to each other since 2533, Ian Cameron and Shandra Noruff married on the 12th of April 2535;[1] Timothy was their first child, born in 2536.[1][2] Shortly after his birth, doctors diagnosed Timothy as having been born with a congenital[2] and inoperable birth defect. Ian and Shandra abandoned their official duties, and for the few weeks that Timothy lived, they stood vigil over him.[1]

After Timothy's death, both of his parents went into mourning for two years, and there was some speculation that as their relationship had been turbulent, the tragedy would lead to their marriage dissolving; instead, the reverse happened, and both become more dedicated and affectionate towards each other.[1] It would be twenty years before they had another child, however; Timothy's brother, Nicholas, was born in October 2556 and would succeed Ian as First Lord.[2]


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