Tiny's Terrors

Tiny's Terrors
Disbanded Destroyed in 3067
Affiliation Mercenary
Parent Command


It is not known when Tiny's Terrors was formed, but they were on Outreach during Waco Rangers’ surprise attack on Harlech in 3067. The unit itself was operationally destroyed, but Master Tech Jon Baugh and his Savior, Lovely Laura, survived.

Jon Baugh and his crew were allowed to stay by Wolf's Dragoons afterward and helped them conduct salvage and recovery operations. When the Word of Blake attacked Outreach a few months later they were again caught in the crossfire. Working ninety-six consecutive hours, Baugh and his crew rearmed and repaired nearly a company of Dragoon 'Mechs until they were forced to evacuate to safety or be overrun.

When General Maeve Wolf and the Dragoons’ dependents departed Outreach, Baugh elected to stay. After years repairing crippled ’Mechs for the Dragoon resistance, Jon Baugh and his crew joined up with the Black Widow Company, where he stayed throughout the remainder of the Jihad.

Once the war ended, and with Tiny's Terrors long gone, the crew retired. As a testament of their valor, Lovely Laura remains on display in the Jihad museum on Arc-Royal.[1]


Rank Name Command
Commanding Officers of Tiny's Terrors



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