Titan (DropShip class)

Production information
Manufacturer Di Tron Heavy Industries
Production Year 2647[1]
Use Fighter Carrier
Type Aerodyne
Tech Base Inner Sphere
Technical specifications
Mass 12,000 tons
Structural Integrity 15
Length 250 meters
Width 162 meters
Height 47.2 meters
Drive System GM 750-A12 Standard
Safe Thrust 2.5 g
Max Thrust 4 g
Fuel (tons) 480 tons
Fuel (days) 260.9 days
Armament 8x autocannon/20s
6x LRM-20s
22x large lasers
10x medium lasers
Armor Starshield
Fore: 25
Sides: 25
Aft: 26
Crew 10 Crew
18 Pilots
Escape Pods/Life Boats 4/4
Heat Sinks 195 single Heat Sinks
BV (1.0) 6,791[2]
BV (2.0) 8,080


The Titan-class DropShip was one of the largest fighter carriers employed by the Star League Defense Force. Transporting the aerospace fighter complement of an entire battalion, a single Titan is often enough to overwhelm the fighter defenses of a Jump Point or planet. Frequently assigned escort duty for WarShips, Titans have been known to act independently as system patrol craft. Despite the risks of a single craft carrying such a large volume of fighters, the Titan's heavy armor and extremely strong weapons array greatly minimized them, at least until the indiscriminate warfare of the Succession Wars; none survived outside the Clan Toumans.[3][4][5]

Designed with fighter pilots in mind, the Titan is focused almost entirely on supporting its fighter complement, either with its relatively roomy and luxurious crew quarters, large flight decks or extensive tactical station for the ship's CAG (Commander Air Group). The CAG's responsibilities include positioning the ship for the launch and retrieval of fighters, though he has no say in running the ship outside these operations. He also provides fighter pilots with tactical information during battle from his command post on the ship's bridge.[3][4][5]


For a "mere" fighter carrier, the Titan carries an impressively large weapons array, exceeding even the arsenal of the Achilles-class assault ship. Consisting of eight Pontiac 20 Autocannon/20's and twenty-two BlazeFire Large Lasers backed up by six Delta-X LRM-20 launchers and ten Hellion-b medium lasers, the bulk of the weapons are forward facing, most grouped in the Titans nose, though at least one AC/20 and LRM-20 cover the aft quarters of the craft. The Titan carries sixteen tons of AC/20 ammunition and twelve tons of LRM missiles.[4][5]


The Titan's fighter complement are held in three separate flight decks, each serviced by a single door. All three are capable of independent operation and designed for maximum damage-control efficiency.[3]


  • Clan 
    A number of Titans accompanied the Exodus fleet, with some continuing to serve among the various Clan toumans. These craft were refitted to carry a complete Trinary of 30 OmniFighters, with each flight deck upgraded to servicing ten fighters and launching them from four access doors each. Despite the increased number of fighters carried, the Titan maintains its reputation of providing for pilots' creature comforts with ample room and single-occupancy cabins.[4][5]
  • Titan Monitor 
    Clan Snow Raven lost several WarShips in the Jihad. To provide protection to their new bases in the Outworlds Alliance the Clan converted several Titan DropShips into Pocket WarShips. The Titan Monitor was completely refitted for its new role. Protection was upgraded by using nearly eighty tons of Clan Ferro-Aluminum armor and adding six Laser Anti-Missile Systems to destroy any incoming nuclear warheads. The autocannons and medium lasers of the original were removed. Two of the aerospace fighter bays were replaced with four Killer Whale missile launchers. In addition, the number of LRM launchers was halved with the remaining units paired with Artemis V FCS, and the Large Lasers were changed to extended range models. The Titan Monitor carries a quartet of Medium Pulse Lasers to cover the aft arc. Though the Titan Monitor only carries ten OmniFighters, the inclusion of a Mobile HPG allows it to summon aid from nearby Snow Raven units. BV (2.0) = 18,304[6][7]

Named Vessels[edit]

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  • Author Blaine Lee Pardoe stated in a blog entry that, according to his memory which he admitted could be wrong, the Titan was among the units for which he wrote the original background as initially published in TRO:2750; for some of these he also designed the stats.


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