Tokasha 3151.svg
System Information
X:Y Coordinates108.093 : 1728.42[e]
Spectral classK5IV[1]
Recharge time196 hours[2]
Recharge station(s)Nadir[2]

System Description[edit]

Tokasha is a remote system located at the fringe of the Kerensky Cluster in Clan space. The inhabited world of Tokasha IV is best known for its Tokasha MechWorks.

Political Affiliation[edit]

Tokasha IV[edit]

Tokasha IV
Tokasha flag.png
System positionFourth[1]
Jump Point distance4.12 days
Moons1 (Shinshu)[2]
Surface gravity0.8[1]
Atmospheric pressureHigh (Toxic, 2921),[2]
High (Breathable, 3062)[1]
Equatorial temperature35°C[1]
Surface water60%[1]
Highest native lifeBirds[1]
LandmassesAt least 2 (Lazuk, Nanaudou)[11]
History and Culture
Population4,300,000 (2921),[2]
14,600,000 (3062)[1]
Government and Infrastructure
HPG ClassA[2]

Planetary History[edit]


In 2840, members of Clan Mongoose arrived and established their own colony on the planet. Due to the high oxygen levels in the atmosphere, the Mongoose settlers were forced to build their cities in high altitude locations. Natives are forced to wear respirators when outdoors. Though some of the Worker Caste have implanted devices to allow them to work in lower attitudes for mining purposes, this practice has limited these individuals from leaving the planet.[1]

From the time the planet was settled, the virus Laen's Regret caused problems for the inhabitants.[1]

Fall of the Mongoose Enclaves[edit]

Clan Star Adder struck Clan Mongoose's enclave in 2844 in retaliation for crimes committed by its Clan on Marshall. The Adder's Quasar Keshik hunted down every warrior of the Mongoose Cluster in revenge for their slaughter of tens of thousands of civilians on their Marshall colony. The Adder's saKhan Dembe N'Buta claimed the Mongoose colony's population in the name of his Clan and transported the former Mongoose civilian castes from the planet to repopulate the Adder's enclaves on Marshall.[12][13][14]

Goliath Scorpion Raid[edit]

In 2872, the Goliath Scorpions raided the Hell's Horses Tokasha enclave, using a raiding force composed primarily or entirely of Commando IIC 'Mechs; the enclave was weakly defended and the Scorpions triumphed, winning access to two of the Horses' genetic legacies.[15]

Battle for control of Tokasha MechWorks between the Bear and the Horse[edit]

In 2921, Clan Ghost Bear took control of a major part of Tokasha MechWorks from Clan Hell's Horses. Khan Kilbourne Jorgensson's death in the battle enraged the remaining Bear warriors, turning the tide. The surprised Horses retreated to save their valuable assets from being battered in a fight that was no longer just about the control of the contested BattleMech production facilities. This is the cause of the continuing feud between the Clans.[1]

Migration of the Bears and the Arrival of the Rival Clans[edit]

Later, the Ghost Bears moved their whole Clan into their Inner Sphere occupation zone in 3060, leaving their factories on Tokasha to Clan Diamond Shark. The Sharks dispatched their Gamma Galaxy to take control of the former Bear territories. However, shortly afterward the Bears' longtime neighbors on the planet began to shift positions to take the factory and its territories for themselves; the Hell's Horses were eager to reclaim their lost holdings.[1]

The Wars of Reaving[edit]

While the Wars of Reaving began with lingering hostilities between Clans Blood Spirit and Star Adder, it was Clan Steel Viper's mobilization against almost all of Clan Jade Falcon Homeworld Possessions that truly inaugurated wide-spread war. In mid-November 3069, The Vipers' Alpha Galaxy moved against the Ironhold, Beta Galaxy took revenge by assaulting Marshall, Gamma Galaxy took Jade Falcon holdings and bondsmen on Eden, and the Ninety-third Assault was adequate to take the Falcon's enclave on Huntress. Similarly, Clan Jade Falcon's colonies on Tokasha, Gatekeeper, Barcella, and Glory also fell quickly to the Steel Viper onslaught.[7] The campaign helped set off a series of further Steel Viper adventurism, and prompt Clans like Fire Mandrill, Hell's Horses, and Ice Hellion to begin their own conquests.

Tokasha remained unmolested for a few more years. However in January 3072, the Society began uprisings across Clan Space, specifically as a means to consolidate Clan Coyote or Clan Burrock's Dark Caste territories, or to punish particularly brutal Clans. As a former Jade Falcon colony now Possessed by Clan Steel Viper, Tokasha was a prime target. Along with Ironhold, Huntress, New Kent, Arcadia, and Grant's Station, Tokasha lost access to some or all of its Hyperpulse Generator Network by the end of February 3072. Babylon, Circe, and Hoard also lost some or all access to the HPG Network, likely to obscure Dark Caste activity, while Vinton and Dagda also had their HPG access disrupted of disabled, most likely as a means to slow the response of Clans Star Adder, Cloud Cobra, and Goliath Scorpion.[16]

Without Communication, Clan Blood Spirit was allowed to expand its holdings on the planet. When Clan Steel Viper arrived with four Galaxies in September 3074, desperate for war materiel to recover losses elsewhere, they found their enclave had been taken by the Spirits. Additionally, the Spirits had Absorbed most of Clan Goliath Scorpion and Hell's Horses' enclaves, leaving both with a single beseiged city. The Vipers then issued a batchall for Possession of the entire planet. Clan Blood Spirit responded by bidding all of their defenders, Zeta Galaxy, Omicron Galaxy, and Omega Galaxy. The Vipers bid their entire four galaxies, nearly destroying all of the Spirit defenders, breaking zellbrigen for the slightly infraction, and taking no bondsmen. The Vipers fought each unit individually, whereever possible. Zeta Galaxy was destroyed defending HH-8 battle armor factory, in the Koche mountains. Omicron Galaxy (equipped entirely with ProtoMechs) was nearly destroyed when pincered between Beta Galaxy and Nu Galaxy. Finally, Omega Galaxy was overrun by Alpha Galaxy; the battle culminated with ilKhan Brett Andrews augmented in a Black Python killing Blood Spirit saKhan Troy Boques augmented in his Summoner. All surviving Blood Spirits were offered Laborer Caste assignment or execution; all surviving Goliath Scorpion and Hell's Horses were simply executed, and their cities were raised from orbit.[8]

Clans Stone Lion, Homeworld survivors of the Abjured Clan Hell's Horses, were able to take back Tokasha from Clan Steel Viper during their Trial of Annihilation, and retained as much as they could,[17] splitting the rest of the enclaves with Clan Goliath Scorpion.[18] However, when Clan Cloud Cobra discovered the Goliath Scorpions had been incorporating Eridani Light Horse DNA into their breeding protocols in December 3078, the Scorpions were Abjured,[18] allowing Clan Stone Lion to consolidate their Tokasha holdings and make the system their capital. Due to the small size of their Warrior Caste, much of the production from Tokasha's factories has been traded to Clan Coyote, in exchange for assistance rebuilding the Stone Lion fleet, some from damaged or abandoned WarShips.[19]

Military Deployment[edit]




Tokasha Planetary Map

Tokasha's most notable feature is the high levels of oxygen in its atmosphere. The planet has wide ranges of oceans and lush wilderness of forests and jungles. The native animal life is highly hostile to terrestrial based life.[1]

Planetary Locations[edit]

  • Cashell Peninsula: A subarctic region of the planet, where high mountain ranges allow for small settlements to dot this region. The region is more accepting to terrestrial based animal life.[1]
  • Koche Mountains: large mountains near the HH-8 Battle Armor factory[8]

Companies and Industries[edit]

Image gallery[edit]


Although Tokasha is shown on the map of the Kerensky Cluster from Historical: Operation Klondike dated 2821, it has been confirmed by the BattleTech Line Developers that this is an error:

The map is actually in error, 2840 is the date I have on file for the colonization of Tokasha and in general we do not show planets on the map that aren't inhabited.
  — Øystein, Catalyst Game Labs Ask the Writers Forum

Map Gallery[edit]

Nearby Systems[edit]

Closest 20 systems (6 within 60 light-years)
Distance in light years, closest systems first:
Niles 24.2 Tranquil 33.9 Atreus 36.7 Bearclaw 41.6
New Kent 57.4 Hector 59.8 Ironhold 64.1 Foster 64.1
Huntress 65.8 Sheridan 68.2 Marshall 79.9 Strana Mechty 85.4
Tathis 86.5 Lum 106.4 Glory 107.5 Shadow 112.2
Priori 131.2 Hellgate 133.4 Brim 138.6 Gatekeeper 140.3


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