Toland 3151.svg
System Information
X:Y Coordinates-115.773 : 431.382[e]
Recharge time174 hours[1]

The Toland system is the location of at least one habitable world, and as of 3145 was located in the Clan Hell's Horses Occupation Zone.[2][3]

System Description[edit]

The Toland system is located near the Apollo and Steelton systems.[2][3]

System History[edit]

The Toland system was colonized at some point during the mid-twenty-fourth century by refugees from the Principality of Rasalhague.[4]

Political Affiliation[edit]


Government and Infrastructure
CapitalToland City[27]

Planetary History[edit]


Toland was settled by a mixture of artists and craftsmen from Kufstein and Predlitz, technicians from St. John and engineers from New Bergen. This eclectic mix of settlers were refugees fleeing from the Rasalhague Principality as a result of Shiro Kurita's campaign to try and annex this nation during the 2330s-2340s.[4]

Rim Worlds Republic[edit]

Toland was one of the worlds targeted by Maxwell Rowe during his efforts to build up the Rim Worlds Republic, beginning in 2330; Rowe began by negotiating a series of trade and barter pacts with worlds like Toland, carefully avoiding any suggestions of a military alliance, defensive or otherwise. Rowe added offers of social and technological favors including access to new Rim Worlds Republic university facilities over time, and through guile and slow but steady progress persuaded the natives of Toland to join the Republic.[5]

Reunification War[edit]

By the end of the Age of War Toland was a member of the Apollo Province of the Rim Worlds Republic.[6] Civil war erupted in the Rim Worlds Republic in 2575, with the factions polarized around those loyal to First Consul Gregory Amaris and those loyal to the Rift Republican Army and the Rim Provisional Government.[43]

The Star League eventually decided to intervene in the civil war in support of Gregory Amaris, and in 2579 assembled Task Force MAILED FIST to help secure Amaris' control over the Rim Worlds Republic. A multinational force headed by the Star League Defense Force, Task Force MAILED FIST was responsible for executing Operation MAILED FIST, the name given to the military intervention. The first wave of attacks focused on securing significant worlds near Apollo,[44] until a destructive raid on Alarion by the Fourth Amaris Fusiliers in retaliation prompted the SLDF to alter its initial strategy for the campaign, the focus shifted to reducing Rim Worlds Army concentrations throughout the Republic and the capture of key worlds.[45]

In late 2584 the SLDF changed tactics again; a number of major RWA units had been destroyed or captured, and the focus for the campaign shifted to capturing worlds of strategic importance, but the campaign was slowed by the greatly increased resistance offered by the RWA and local civilian populations, prompted by atrocities performed by the Draconis Auxiliary Corps when they captured Nightwish in mid-2584.[46]

General Nathan Isaacson assigned a division from VI Corps, the Eighteenth Division, along with three regiments from the Second Marik Auxiliary Corps - the Second Defenders of Andurien, Second Regulan Hussars and the Second Brigade of the Fusiliers of Oriente - to the conquest of Toland in 2593. The Star League forces successfully took control of Toland,[47] defeating the local militia forces, and remained in place as the local garrison until the Defenders of Andurien and Regulan Hussars were redeployed for the invasion of Apollo in 2596.[48]

Star League Era[edit]

Toland was conquered by the Lyran Commonwealth during the 2773-2775 Republic-Commonwealth War.[16] The Lyrans discovered a secret network of caves in at least one location on Toland - Cantor Canyon - close to the site of a Rim Worlds Army depot; the caves were presumed to have been use to hide units being manufactured in secret by the Republic. Having discovered the depot and caves, the Lyrans allowed them to fall into disuse early in the Succession Wars.[49]

Succession Wars[edit]

In late 3028 the old Rim Worlds Republic supply depot at Cantor Canyon was reactivated briefly to use as a trap for pirate forces. Thanks to machinations performed by King Hendrik Grimm III of the Oberon Confederation, both Maria Morgraine and Redjack Ryan - leaders of noted pirate bands, rulers of Morgraine's Valkyrate and Butte Hold respectively, and former lovers turned deadly enemies - arrived on-world, each acting in the belief that they were ambushing the other as part of an agreement with Grimm backed by the Draconis Combine. While both units were attacking the depot, the waiting Thirtieth Lyran Guards sprang an ambush of their own, nearly destroying both bandit groups; however, Ryan and Morgraine both escaped, with Morgraine saving Ryan in the process, and the two not only reconciled, but went so far as to merge their realms into a new bandit kingdom, the Greater Valkyrate.[49]

Operation REVIVAL[edit]

In March of 3050 Toland was attacked by Clan Jade Falcon in a Trial of Possession. The planet was defended by the Second Regiment of the Twelfth Star Guards under the command of Colonel Franklin Pierce-Marinetti and the Toland Defense Force. The Twelfth Star Guards took position in the hollows of the Judea Jungle, but the Jade Falcon's Turkina Keshik and Ninth Talon Cluster used their imposing strengths to swiftly rout the Twelfth Star Guards from their positions. The Falcons then used aerospace fighters and lighter 'Mech units to swiftly cut down the Guards as they retreated through the barrens of Cantor Climb. A company of Star Guards 'Mechs were able reach Toland City, where they and the planet's defense forces were wiped out.[27]

Ice Hellion Invasion[edit]

During the Jihad, Clan Ice Hellion's Beta Galaxy invaded and captured Toland in August of 3071. Three months later in November, elements of Clan Hell's Horses' Theta and Iota Galaxies arrived to fight for control of the planet. As a part of their successful battle for the planet, Horses Naval forces destroyed the Ice Hellion WarShip CIH Moore’s Honor.[35][36][37]

Dark Age[edit]

In April of 3085 the pirate band known as the Gort's Hounds raided the planet. The objective or the raid was Toland's rare minerals; Clan Hell's Horses defending forces responded with the Sixty-seventh BattleMech Cluster's heavy solahma infantry trinary dealing with the pirates. The mostly infantry and armor-oriented Trinary trapped the pirates in a ambush that destroyed them.[50]

Military Deployment[edit]


Toland has at least three moons,[49] expanses of jungle and natural resources that include rare minerals.[57][58]

Planetary Locations[edit]

  • Cantor Climb: a barren area outside the Judea Jungle and a site of a notable battle during Operation REVIVAL.[27]
  • Judea Jungle: site of a notable battle during Operation REVIVAL.[27]
  • Toland City: the planetary capital city.[27]

Map Gallery[edit]

Nearby Systems[edit]

Closest 28 systems (28 within 60 light-years)
Distance in light years, closest systems first:
Steelton 13.5 Apollo 13.9 New Ålborg 16.5 Bensinger 18.5
Treeline 26.4 Persistence 26.8 Iron Land 30.9 Star's End 32.5
Butte Hold 34.4 Zertarum 34.9 Wotan 35.0 Icar 36.8
Here 36.9 Derf 39.7 Oberon 42.1 Blackstone 42.9
Somerset 44.1 Trell 44.5 Maxie's Planet 46.1 Sigurd 49.8
Crellacor 50.6 Anywhere 51.7 Lackhove 52.1 Golandrinas 53.6
Chateau 53.8 Butler 57.1 Romulus 58.1 Placida 59.4


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