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Tomás Allison

Tomás Allison
Character Profile
Born 2210[1]
Died 2277[1]
Affiliation House Allison
Position President[2]
Minister of Foreign Affairs[2]
Profession Politician
Children Kenneth Allison[1]

Thomàs Allison was one of the founding members of the Free Worlds League.


Free Worlds League[edit]

In 2266, Detlev was contacted by Sir George Humphreys at the behest of Tomás Allison, the head of state of the Federation of Oriente. Allison proposed a permanent alliance between their nations and the Regulan Principality. Detlev balked initially, though he liked the idea, fearing that it could not happen. Humphreys continued negotiating, however, until he persevered in 2269. During a meeting, Humphreys mentioned to Detlev that Raju Selaj collected miniature items: books, dolls, figurines, paintings, and the like. Detlev collected historic awards and trophies, and found himself intrigued by Selaj's collection. Detlev gave Humphreys a message to pass to Selaj and the pair began a correspondence that lasted for years.[3][4]

The other leaders met Detlev on Marik in 2271. There, they signed the Treaty of Marik, which established the Free Worlds League. Detlev continued as the Minister of Defense for the fledgling nation.[5][6]

Titles and Positions[edit]

Preceded by
President of the Federation of Oriente

Succeeded by


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