Tom Stancel

Tom Stancel
Character Profile
Born 3002
Affiliation Twelfth Vegan Rangers
Rank General
Position Commanding Officer of the Twelfth Vegan Rangers
Profession Mercenary MechWarrior

Tom Stancel was the leader of the Twelfth Vegan Rangers from 3048 to 3067.[1] He was born in Federated Suns territory and grew up within the military hierarchy and structures of the Rangers, eventually leading them into battle throughout the FedCom Civil War and into the Word of Blake Jihad.[2]


Born in 3002 to two 'MechTechs working in the employ of the Twelfth Vegan Rangers, Stancel was lucky enough to have his education at the Federated Suns' prestigious Sakhara Academy sponsored by the unit. Upon graduation, he was assigned to the Twelfth Vegan Rangers' Beta Regiment, but quickly demonstrated his abilities and proficiency and was transferred to their Alpha Regiment in 3042. His skills, demeanor, and leadership as an officer in that regiment made such an impression on its current commanding officer, General Sheridan Douglass, that when Sheridan retired from the Rangers, he named Stancel as his successor.[2]

General Stancel led the Twelfth Vegan Rangers in their defense of the Capellan and Sarna Marches as they were contracted by the Federated Commonwealth to protect the border while the AFFC pivoted to focus on and deal with the threat Clan Invasion.[3] Stancel blamed the loss of the Rangers' Delta Regiment during the fall of the Sarna Marches during Operation Guerrero on decisions made by Katherine Steiner-Davion. This resentment grew as Katherine, aware that the Twelfth Vegan Lancers were a historical Davion-loyal mercenary unit, lowered their priority on logistics, forcing Stancel to look to outside sources for refit and resupply.[2]

When the FedCom Civil War exploded into being in 3062, Stancel and his Alpha Regiment were stationed on New Aragon after having supplemented that planet's defenses with the Third FedCom RCT while the First Aragon Borderers were away fighting Clan Smoke Jaguar. When the Third FedCom turned on the recently-returned Borderers, Stancel was instrumental in leading his forces in rapid strikes against the overwhelming force. He and his Rangers found themselves hot-dropping to the Borderers' rescue on multiple occasions and finally stomped out the Loyalist Third FedCom entirely by August 3063. Hearing word that the Twelfth Vegan Rangers' Gamma Regiment was suffering heavy losses on Algol, he quickly redeployed Alpha Regiment to that world and rallied the remnants of the Beta and Gamma to continue the fight. Along with the Fifth Crucis Lancers, he succeeded in destroying the Loyalist Fifteenth Deneb Light Cavalry and driving the Republican Guards offworld.[4]

Stancel and his Alpha Regiment were then called up to assist the Davion Assault Guards and the Twelfth Deneb Light Cavalry in their defense of Addicks from Draconis Combine forces. Working with those Allied units, they successfully routed the DCMS forces, who were forced to retreat.[5] After the Civil War ended, Stancel continued to lead and rebuild the Rangers.


Game Rules (A Time of War)[edit]

Tom Stancel is an Elite-level MechWarrior/Officer. He has the Dodge and Tactical Genius special pilot abilities and +3 bonuses to all Leadership and Strategy skill rolls. His resentment of Katherine Steiner-Davion gives him a –4-TP Compulsion/Hatred of House Steiner.[6]


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