Tonbo Superheavy Transport
Production information
Manufacturer Wakazashi Enterprises[1]
Production Year 3059[2]
Use Heavy Lift Vehicle
Salvage Transport
Infantry Transport
Tech Base Inner Sphere[1]
Chassis Type (Size) VTOL (Large)[1]
Equipment Rating E/X-X-D/D[1]
Cost 2,753,911 C-bills[2]
Introduced 3059
Technical specifications
Mass 56 tons[1]
Cruise Speed 60 km/h[1]
Flank Speed 90 km/h[1]
Power Plant Fusion[1]
Fuel (Type/Range) Unlimited[1]
Armament None[1]
Heat Sinks None[1]
Fitted Equipment 4x Lift Hoists[1]
2x Search Lights[1]
Communications Equipment[1]
Armor Commercial Armor[1]
Barrier Armor Rating (BAR) BAR 7[1]
Crew 12 (2 officers, 10 enlisted/non-rated)[1]
BV (2.0) 189[1]


The Tonbo Superheavy Transport VTOL was originally a top secret Draconis Combine vehicle intended for use in salvage operations on liberated Clan-occupied worlds in 3059. The vehicle came into being due to the Draconis Combine's directive to build a vehicle capable of moving Clan equipment salvaged for Operation Bulldog. Working from a modified Rose DropShip, the Tonbo was used in company-sized formations during Bulldog. A company of Tonbos was able to carry away a large quantity of salvage. The vehicle's existence would linger in rumor for decades until Operation SCOUR, during the liberation of Terra in 3078. The vehicle's existence to the rest of Inner Sphere was revealed and shown to great effect during the European campaign. After the Jihad, the vehicle was offered to the public for sale, becoming one of Wakazashi's best selling products by 3085.[1]

Equipment and Capabilities[edit]

The Tonbo is designed to be able to carry over 112 tons of cargo with its 4 Lift Hoists. The vehicle's powerful fusion engine is reduced to a maximum flight speed of 64 km/h while at its maximum lift limit. It is protected by 2.5 BAR 7 rated commercial armor, which offers some protection from enemy fire.[1]

The design features a pair of searchlights mounted on the nose and rear of the craft. It is also fitted with over 7 tons of Communication Equipment to allow it to be used as a command and control relay vehicle. The vehicle is able to deploy over 12 tons of troops from its Infantry Transport Bay.[1]


The Tonbo originally appeared as an unnamed vehicle pictured in Combat Equipment carrying a Mars Assault Vehicle.


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