Tormax Liao

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Tormax Liao
Born 2945
Died 2992
Affiliation House Liao
Title(s) Duke of Liao
Position Chancellor
Profession Noble
Parents Sandra Liao (mother)
Children Maximillian Liao

Tormax Liao (b.2945 - d.2992) was in the thirtieth century Chancellor of the Capellan Confederation and the 16th Duke of Liao.[1]

Rise to Power[edit]

Nephew of Ingrid Liao, Tormax inherited a host of problems when he came to power in 2980. Noticing his traditional military forces were lagging behind in newly formed Warrior House regiments, especially after the resounding defeat on the world of Rio by Davion forces, Tormax promptly reorganized the training and recruitment programs of the CCAF. At his urging, he also pushed his nation's surviving Aerospace industries to design and manufacture new fighters.

In 2987, Davion forces commenced a series of attacks against Liao's prefecture capital of Tikonov. These attacks pressured Tormax into using the last of his military reserves to fend off the incursion. He also shrewdly dispatched Justinia's Cuirassiers, Shepard's Mounted Fusiliers, and Hampton's Hessens on a bold invasion of the Davion world of Lee in order to relieve pressure from the Chesterton Reserves which were desperately holding off Davion forces on Tikonov. The counter-strike against the reinforced Davion world relieved the beleaguered Liao forces and won the newly deployed Transgressor aerospace fighters some prestige.[2]

Fall from Power[edit]

Tormax Liao's grasp on power weakened in the spring of 2990. Fanatical religious groups in the St. Ives prefecture aroused to cause additional problems politically for him. He also had unexpected weakening loyalty from his once fanatically loyal Warrior Houses regiments. At the advice of his son, Tormax led the Capellan Hussars Brigade to Davion border to strength it and remove doubt of his abilities.

He succeeded militarily, but when he returned he found his son had taken power for himself and made himself Chancellor.[3]

He was ultimately victim of his son Maximilian Liao, who had him assassinated with the aid of Chandra Ling[4] and Pavel Ridzik. [5]

Title and Position[edit]

Preceded by
Ingrid Liao
Chancellor of the Capellan Confederation
2980 - 2990

Succeeded by
Maximilian Liao


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