Production information
Manufacturer Various
Production Year 3049[1]
Use Strategic Bomber
Strike Craft
Tech Base Inner Sphere[2][3]
Chassis Type (Size) Fixed-Wing (Large)[2][3]
Equipment Rating E/E-F-D[2][3]
Introduced 2093
Technical specifications
Mass 200 Tons[2][3]
Structural Integrity 4
Safe Thrust 2g
Max Thrust 3g
Power Plant Fission engine[2][3]
Fuel (Type/Range) 317 / 13t[2][3]
Communications System Unspecified
Fire Control System Advanced
Heat Sinks None[2][3]
Armor Commercial Armor[2][3]
Barrier Armor Rating (BAR) 6[2][3]
Crew 6 (1 officer, 3 enlisted/non-rated, 2 gunners)[3]

Description and History[edit]

Originally used by the United States of North America's Air Force, the Torrent was one of its most popular designs during the late twenty-first century. The aircraft was inherited by the Terran Alliance when it was formed in 2086 and, as new equipment was introduced, older vehicles such as the Torrent were passed on to the militias of various newly formed colony worlds during the twenty-second and twenty-third centuries. In its day, the aircraft was produced in large numbers by several corporations claiming to be the originators of the design.[2][3]

The Torrent featured thrust vectoring and fly-by-light equipment, eliminating the need for a horizontal rudder and giving it the ability to use the short runways found on these new colonies; however, the bomber required a full runway and (occasionally) rocket assistance when carrying a full bomb load. With a crew of one officer, three enlisted and two gunners, the aircraft could carry a total of thirty tons of ordnance split between an internal bomb bay and external hardpoints, was protected by three and a half tons of Hubris Heavy armor, and with thirteen tons of fuel could reach a target half a world away.[2][3]

Continual upgrades kept the aircraft in service, including the mounting of one of the earliest ECM suites, the Squealer I, in the 2650s. As time passed, between the twenty-fourth and twenty-fifth centuries, newly introduced aerospace fighters came onto the scene and proved themselves superior to conventional aircraft like the Torrent. Since its tendency to fly low and slow made it highly vulnerable to these new fighters, the Torrent was forcibly retired from most planetary militias, but not all. General Aleksandr Kerensky brought almost a full wing of these aircraft with him during the Star League Defense Force's Exodus, where they later saw action during the Pentagon Civil War, notably with the newly formed Clans forces.[2][3]

However in the Inner Sphere by 3068 only one corporation still produced parts for the Torrent, located in the Capellan Confederation on Bellatrix, and once a year the company produced a complete Torrent Heavy Bomber as a token vehicle for collectors and museums. Only the Confederation still maintained a small number of Torrents within their military, as elsewhere in the Inner Sphere the aircraft was typically used as water bombers to fight fires. However the sheer violence of the Jihad caused the Confederation to restart production of the Torrent - part of their effort to throw everything they had at the Word of Blake - and since then the aircraft has taken on a larger role defending Capellan worlds.[4]

Weapons and Equipment[edit]

The Torrent features four nose-mounted Machine Guns with half a ton of ammunition and a six-tube short range missile launcher mounted aft with one ton of ammunition, all aimed by an Advanced Fire Control system. The aircraft is protected by three and a half tons of Hubris heavy armor and an ECM suite suite. It has an internal Cargo Bay able to carry fifteen tons and fifteen External Stores Hardpoints, allowing the aircraft to carry a variety of explosive ordnance.[2][3]

Design Quirks[edit]

The Torrent is subject to the following Design Quirks:[3]

  • Atmospheric Flyer
  • Poor Performance
  • Internal Bomb Bay


  • Torrent (Fire Fighter) 
    Introduced in 2300, this version of aircraft is demilitarized and used to put out large fires. Instead of carrying bombs the external hardpoints are fitted with "water bombs," large canisters of water and fire suppressant fitted with small explosive charges. When triggered by the weapons officer the charges cause the canisters to split open and spill their contents over a wide area. The expense in maintaining these aircraft ensures they are only used in dire situations.[2][3][5]
  • Torrent ASW 
    An ancient Terran variant introduced in 2111, mounting Torpedos and specialized antisubmarine warfare equipment. The variant no longer exists but historical documents state that it was utilized by the United States of North America's four armies station around the continent in the 2100s.[2][3][6]
  • Torrent FC 
    Introduced in 2115 as airborne refueling tanker, the version of the aircraft features several refueling drogues and a large fuel reservoir. The variant no longer exists but historical documents state that it was utilized by the United States of North America's four armies station around the continent in the 2100s.[2][3][7]
  • Torrent IC 
    Used to carry a platoon of Jump Infantry for HALO drops, this version of the aircraft began service in 2118. The variant no longer exists but historical documents state that it was utilized by the United States of North America's four armies station around the continent in the 2100s.[2][3][8]

Notable Aircraft & Crews[edit]

  • Venom's Kiss - This is a Torrent-IC variant used by Clan Goliath Scorpion during the Pentagon Civil War. The Kiss was made famous during a daring raid by saKhan Jenna Scott and her paratroopers to seize control of the rebel's primary communications station on the world of Dagda. The successful raid led to the defeat of the rebel forces. To honor the crew of Venom's Kiss, the aircraft is on display in the antechamber of the Clan's Genetic Repository.[2][3]


  • As of this writing, the Torrent heavy bomber has no published record sheets or Battle Value.



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