Tortugan Phalanx

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Tortugan Phalanx
Unit Profile (as of 3076)
Parent Formation None
Formed Ca. 3070[1]


The Tortugan Phalanx was a pirate unit based on Tortuga Prime that was largely unknown to the Inner Sphere prior to 3071.[1]


The first that the Inner Sphere knew of the Tortugan Phalanx was when it arrived on Lackland in 3071 and proceeded to conduct a flawless raid. Each of the three major subunits within the Phalanx - dubbed mora - split off from the pirate landing zone and executed an attack against a specific target within the planetary capital before returning to their DropShips, allowing the Phalanx to escape before the planetary militia was able to respond. In retrospect, the attack on Lackland appeared very similar to a shakedown mission for the pirate band.[1]

The commanding officer of the Tortugan Phalanx at the time, Polemarch Naxamander Anabasis, couldn't be identified on the training rolls of any of the various Inner Sphere militaries, leading to speculation that his name was an alias; the Phalanx was also believed to be largely staffed with undesirables, including those fleeing war crime charges for acts committed during the FedCom Civil War. Anabasis was evidently responsible for the Phalanx's unusual structure and organization, which displayed a knowledge of classical history on Anabasis' part.[1]

The Phalanx raided Broken Wheel on the 1st of October 3076, striking at the Quikscell factory located Conestoga. A mora from the Phalanx hit the plant, supported by a number of Rock Rover Half-Tracks and Burro II Super Heavy Trucks carrying additional crew. The raid was a success, with the pirates retrieving a substantial quantity of ammunition, spare parts, Pegasus hovertanks and Light Thunderbolt Carriers - having comfortably defeated both the Quikscell corporate security forces and the disorganized planetary militia, almost all of the Phalanx 'Mechs and their accompanying vehicles successfully escaped, fully laden with loot - along with the looted combat vehicles - bar a few trucks the planetary militia to destroy. The Phalanx didn't even damage the factory facilities - instead, the factory was left intact so that it could be subjected to further raids in the future.[2]

In response to the raid conducted by the Phalanx and similar simultaneous raids launched by the Strychnine Slavers, the Filtvelt Coalition ordered the Thumpers - an assault-weight former mercenary unit that formed the core of the Coalition's armed forces - and the First Filtvelt Citizen's Militia to attack Tortuga Prime and destroy the Tortugan's military manufacturing industry. The raid was a disaster for the Filtvelt forces, who dramatically underestimated the defensive forces available to Tortuga Prime; the Thumpers' command company, commanded by the unit Commanding Officer, Major Buck Tripp, dropped into Raider's Roost intent on distracting the pirates from the landing being made by the rest of the Thumpers and the First Filtvelt Citizen's Militia. Instead, whilst battling unexpected numbers of Tortuga Militia forces, Tripp received word that the units disembarking from the Filtvelt DropShips were under attack from massed armor units; Tripp led his company on a charge through Raider's Roost to reconnect with the remainder of his forces, only to be subject to constant ambushes and skirmishes launched by Anabasis and the Phalanx, who successfully bled the Thumpers repeatedly.[3][4]

When Tripp and his command company reached the Landing Zone, it was witness to a horrific site - the use of chemical weapons against the Filtvelt forces. The gas used slaughtered huge numbers of the Filtvelt Citizen's Militia infantry forces and vehicle crews, with the poorly-maintained tanks allowing the gas to reach the crews even when the vehicles were battened down. The use of chemical weapons - supplied by the Word of Blake, unknown to most on the planet including the planetary ruler, Precentor William Derer - appalled Anabasis when he heard of it, and he responded by leading the Phalanx on a rampage through Raider's Roost. Anabasis and the Phalanx then left Raider's Roost and relocated, settling on a different city on Tortuga Prime.[5]


Rank Name Command
Commanding Officers of the Tortugan Phalanx
Polemarch Naxamander Anabasis 3076[1]



Composition History[edit]

In 3076 the Tortugan Phalanx was divided into three moras: Hoplite Mora, Peltast Mora and Sarissa Mora. Each mora was formed in turn from three lochoi; a lochoi was composed of five BattleMechs, although there was no evidence of a Clan connection to the Tortugan Phalanx.[1] Polemarch Anabasis was known to be piloting an LDT-5 Brigand 'Mech in 3076.[6]


Each mora within the Tortugan Phalanx operated in a different fashion. Hoplite Mora was a generalist command, whilst Peltast Mora consisted of fast-moving units and functioned as a cadre of shock troops. Sarissa Mora specialized in long-range combat.[1]

Colors And Insignia[edit]

The insignia of the Tortugan Phalanx was a round Greek hoplon shield, emblazoned with a Jolly Roger. The 'Mechs of the Tortugan Phalanx were painted a dull grey, embellished with bright red blood dripping from the various weapon ports; each 'Mech also sported the Phalanx's insignia on both shoulders.[1]



  • When the Phalanx is acting as the Attacker it gains a +1 bonus to all Initiative rolls.[1]
  • All Phalanx 'Mechs with sufficient free critical slots are automatically equipped with Triple Strength Myomer.[1]
  • When carrying loot in the hands of 'Mechs, Phalanx units increase the carrying capacity by 10%, and do not suffer a penalty when carrying loot.[1]
  • When generating units for the Phalanx, only Light and Medium 'Mech tables may be used.[1]
  • Randomly generated units from Peltast Mora may exchange any 'Mech rolled with an adjacent result on that RAT if the replacement 'Mech has a faster walking speed than the 'Mech rolled.[1]
  • Randomly generated units from Sarissa Mora may be re-rolled once, if the first roll obtained a unit lacking an LRM or PPC weapon. The result of the second roll must be kept, regardless of the result.[1]


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