Record Sheets: Phoenix Upgrade (Complete)

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Total Warfare Style Record Sheets: Phoenix Upgrade (Complete)
Product information
Type Record Sheets
Primary writing N/A
Pages 265
Illustrations N/A
Publication information
Publisher InMediaRes
Product code BC-207
First published 2008
MSRP $9.95 (Complete)
Era All
Preceded by Record Sheets: Phoenix Upgrades


Total Warfare Style Record Sheets: Phoenix Upgrade (Complete) is an updated edition of Record Sheets: Phoenix Upgrades that was originally released in .pdf format through BattleCorps in 2006 & 2007(Version 2.0).

TW Style Project Phoenix Upgrade includes all the original Unseen variants listed in previous Record Sheets by FASA. These variants were found in original TRO 3025, TRO 3050, & TRO 3055, as well as variant pictures which are shown in Technical Readout: Project Phoenix.

Randall Bills gives a two page explanation on the history & development of BattleTech that relates directly with Unseen/Reseen 'Mechs.

In addition BattleCorps released various, faction-exclusive versions of the record sheets for the Clans, Great Houses, mercenaries, ComStar-Word of Blake, and the Periphery. These faction releases of Total Warfare Style Record Sheets: Phoenix Upgrade contain record sheets and cost less than the "complete" record sheet version.


Locust Stinger Wasp Locust IIC Valkyrie
Ostscout Griffin IIC Phoenix Hawk Shadow Hawk IIC Griffin
Scorpion Shadow Hawk Wolverine Ostroc Ostsol
Rifleman Crusader Rifleman IIC Thunderbolt Archer
Warhammer Marauder Goliath Phoenix Hawk IIC Warhammer IIC
BattleMaster Longbow Marauder IIC Marauder II

Faction Record Sheet Listings[edit]


The TW Style Record Sheets - Phoenix Upgrade has all 'Mechs listed with their numbers in the Battle Value 2.0 system.

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