Towne 3151.svg
System Information
X:Y Coordinates69.265 : 7.961[e]
Spectral classF8IV[1]

System Description[edit]

Towne is located near the Addicks and Pokhara systems.

Political Affiliation[edit]

Towne III[edit]

Towne III
System positionThird[1]
Jump Point distance12 days[1]
Moons1 (Conan)[1]
Surface gravity0.97[1]
Atmospheric pressureStandard (Breathable)[1]
Equatorial temperature40°C[1]
Surface water72%[1]
Highest native lifeMammals[1]
Landmasses5 (Hyboria, Krom, Fetryl, Howell, Gherst)[1]
History and Culture
Demonym(s)Townian,[59][61] Townite[62]
Population647,819,000 (3130)[1]
Government and Infrastructure
Political LeaderPlanetary Governor
Military CommanderLegate Jonathan Jurik (3130)[1]
CapitalPort Howard[1]
HPG RepresentativeChief Sacrist[63]

Planetary History[edit]

Discovery and Settlement[edit]

The planet was discovered by the scientific community on Terra prior to the invention of the Kearny-Fuchida Drive. Scientists used digitally aligned orbital telescopes which it made possible to spot Terra-sized worlds in other systems, including Towne.[64]

The first attempt to colonize Towne, carried out in the first half of the twenty-second century, failed. A settlement near what would later be named the Brythunia province of Hyboria died off. It was forgotten for centuries until its ruins were found offshore in 3133.[65]

More successful colonization efforts started with a private concern. C. Augustus Pons, a plankton magnate from Terra, backed and paid for Towne's late twenty-second century settlement effort around half a century after the first attempt. The eccentric trillionaire was a fan of author Robert E. Howard. He had the planet's moon named for the adventurer, Conan, and the largest continent named after the Hyborian lands Conan traveled. Pons also named the planet's main city Port Howard after the author.

The first wave of Pons' settlers to arrive on Towne came from the Terran continent of North America. These colonists continued to name various parts of the planet after aspects of Howard's fantasy world, but later settlers didn't.[64][65]

Early Eras[edit]

While under administration of the Terran Alliance Towne was a proprietary colony, with shareholders in charge of the planet. These shareholders prevented the rapid industrialization that occurred during the preparations being made elsewhere for what became known as the Outer Reaches Rebellion. This constraint along with shareholders' desire to prevent overindustrialization also preserved the planet's unusual landmark names as well. With Towne's mineral wealth located beneath its oceans it was less desirable to corporate mining concerns, preventing it from being target of raids.[66]

The final target of Director-General James McKenna's first of many "Campaigns of Persuasion" to bring worlds under the aegis of his newly formed nation, Towne was seized by the Terran Hegemony in 2317.[67]

Falling within the boundary of the Hegemony's Lockdale Province, Towne would be liberated from the grasp of the Amaris Empire by the Star League Defense Force's Task Force Sun during Operation CHIEFTAIN. Landing in February 2773, the SLDF's increasingly brutal Third Army would recapture the world relatively quickly, eliminating all Amaris Empire Armed Forces resistance on Towne in a few short months before moving on strike their next target of Errai in May of the same year.[68]

Towne Debacle[edit]

In 2783, First Prince John Davion of the Federated Suns dispatched forces to claim the Towne. At the time, with the Hegemony's collapse, the planet was viewed by the Federated Suns as one of the few worlds seen worth the effort of securing. Towne had a number of Hegemony industries and quantities of valuable supplies in warehouses across the world, as well as providing a path for the Federated Suns to potentially claim Terra. Towne was taken without opposition. Davion garrisoned the world with elements of the Fifty-sixth Avalon Hussars and 123rd Aerospace Interceptor Wing.[69]

Cooperation within the AFFS was at a historically low ebb at this point, following years of budget cuts to the military transportation budget, leading to units staying on individual worlds for extended periods; this caused an increasing degree of provincialism within the AFFS, both within units and within the command structure. The Fifty-sixth had spent two decades engaged in training exercises against the Fourth Avalon Hussars on Colia in the Draconis March, and was a 'Mech-heavy unit finally coming into its own identity. In contrast, the 123rd was an established unit from Ulan Batar, a world in the Capellan March, and had been attached to the Twelfth Syrtis Fusiliers for a long time - leading to lots of complaints from the Fusiliers at the 123rd being reassigned, despite claims from the High Command that the 123rd's experience was needed to counterbalance the lack of experienced aerospace assets in the Fifty-sixth.[69]

On arrival, the Fifty-sixth took up residence in Port Howard on Hyboria and began drilling and training with the local militia, while performing air patrols of the northern hemisphere. The 123rd established itself in Kale Bay, the second-largest city on Towne and the largest city on the southern continent of Gherst, and conducted patrols of the southern hemisphere. The commanding officers of each unit - Major Colin Wilkins of the Fifty-sixth, and Major Imrich Donner of the 123rd - paid lip service in public to their joint commitment to protect and safeguard the inhabitants of town, but in practice communication between the two commands was poor, to the point of being actively dysfunctional. This led to dire consequences in February 2785, when raiding parties from the Capellan Confederation and the Draconis Combine both appeared in-system.[69]

The first raiding party to be detected was from the Seventh Tikonov Lancers, who had emerged from a Lagrange jump point and were burning towards Fetryl, an undefended continent in Towne's southern hemisphere. While interceptors were scrambling to respond, the second raiding party - this time, the Eighteenth Benjamin Regulars - appeared from behind Conan, having emerged from a jump point behind the shadow of Towne's moon. Where the Seventh was burning for Fetryl, the Eighteenth was heading for Hyborian. The two AFFS commands immediately began arguing over which was the greater threat; Major Wilkins argued that the Benjamin Regulars were likely targeting the planetary capital city, and could be the forefront of a larger incursion. Major Donner argued that the Lancers were the greater threat, and accused Wilkins of allowing his regional bias against the Combine influence his argument. While the two commanding offers argued, the raiding parties both managed to make planetfall, the Regulars' landing being almost unopposed, while the Lancers managed to penetrate the 123rd Aerospace's screen with only minimal damage. Although both raiding parties numbered little more than a reinforced battalion, both were soon wreaking havoc on the ground, burning a trail through undefended warehouses.[69]

The two AFFS commanders realized that their bickering was allowing the raiders to inflict damage, but by the time they agreed on a response, the Lancers were already beginning to fall back; the local militia contingent based in the city of Vale had managed to launch a surprisingly effective guerrilla attack against the Lancers, and the Lancers realized that the militia were willing to fight to hold them up, and allow the AFFS forces to counterattack. Fighters from the 123rd began harassing the Lancers as they fell back, while a detachment from the Fifty-sixth relocated to Fetryl and took over from the local militia. The two commands also launched a joint counterattack against the Eighteenth that, while far from perfect, was enough to convince the Regulars that it was time to leave - but not before the two raiding parties had managed to inflict tens of millions of pounds in damage, loot and destroy seven major warehouses, and kill five thousand civilians and another two hundred and fifty military personnel - almost entirely from the local militia.[69]

Widely regarded as a disaster, the battle on Towne prompted First Prince John Davion to issue the Towne Charter, allowing the citizens of Towne to strengthen their militia and access the military stores in place on Towne, improving their ability to resist raids and invasion. The Combine had recognized how weak the AFFS defenses on Towne were, however.[69][70] In December 2785 another Combine force appeared; this time, it was the Fifth Dieron Regulars leading the assault, backed up by seven regiments of infantry and aerospace support, and escorted by a small naval flotilla. This time, both AFFS units recognized the threat and requested help, but the AFFS High Command was still locked into entrenched provincial attitudes, and it took two months for relief forces to arrive. When those reinforcements arrived in February 2786 they found that both commands had been wiped out, with the survivors either prisoners of war or fighting as guerrillas alongside the tattered remnants of the planetary militia.[69][71][72]

In 2876 Towne was one of the targets of the military campaign instigated by First Prince Carl Davion to retake worlds taken the Draconis Combine. Although he died in effort on David, his campaign reclaimed Towne in progress.[73]

Black Dragon Invasion[edit]

In the middle of 3057, the Federated Commonwealth was sundered by the Free Worlds League/Capellan Confederation invasion of the Sarna March. With the secession of Lyran side of the Commonwealth, Towne's garrison forces were stripped to a bare-bones presence.

In January of 3058, the Fifteenth Dieron Regulars led a six-regiment invasion force to take possession of the planet. Frontline units, considered renegades by the Draconis Combine Mustered Soldiery, were supported by Black Dragon-raised regiments staffed with Yakuza thugs. The invasion, which Towne Planetary Chairman, Howard Blaylock, arranged, quickly took control of capital city of Port Howard. On Towne at the time was the mercenary unit known as the Seventeenth Recon Regiment, who had been hired by Chandrasekhar Kurita to reinforce the planet's weakened militia forces.

Those defenders stationed in the planetary capital were forced into hiding in the rural regions of Hyboria. The mercenaries would manage to build up number of local resistance groups with the aid of the Popular Militia. Together, they conducted a low-level guerrilla war, which whittled down the occupying Black Dragon forces. By April after the Planetary Chairman's execution of a number of Seventeenth Recon Regiment officers and making threats against their children, the Seventeenth launched what became known as the Battle for Port Howard. As 'Mechs of the Seventeenth Recon fought Black Dragon 'Mechs, a commando team led by Lt. JG Cassie Suthorn penetrated the city Administration Building and freed the Seventeenth's dependents. The battle ended when Suthorn managed to capture the invasion's commander and had him commit ritual suicide, captured on holovid broadcast. The death of the invasion commander ended the conflict on Towne.[74]


During the Jihad, the Word of Blake added Towne to the Word of Blake Protectorate. In January 3075 the Opacus Venatori were active on Towne; while the events around their activity on Towne were unclear, the Blakist unit did find and destroy all of the rebel forces that the Black Widow Company had inserted onto Towne the year before.[75]

As a part of Operation SCOUR, the allied coalition invasion of the Protectorate, Towne was raided for reconnaissance information by allied scouts on the 12th of February 3077. The scouts confirmed that not only were there more than two regiments of Protectorate Militia forces on Towne, but there was also a limited but functioning SDS network protecting the world, and that the Blakists were using a large DropShip facility on the planet to convert civilian vessels into Pocket WarShips.[76]

The information on the facilities constructed on Towne by the Word of Blake was obtained by Captain Ross McKinnon and the Fox's Teeth, who would return with Group I of the Federated Suns task force as a part of SCOUR in April 3077. The Word of Blake had heavily fortified their DropShip facility, located deep within a mountain range on the continent of Howell, and protected it with formidable defenses, including capital missile launchers. This became the site of the fiercest struggle during the campaign to liberate Towne, with the Blakists nearly defeating the combined forces of Group I - believed to consist of the Third Free Worlds Legionnaires, Fifth Crucis Lancers and Fifteenth Arcturan Guards.[77] The defenses proved to be almost as tough as one of the Castle Brian complexes created during the era of the Star League, and drove the coalition troops to desperate measures; Princess Regent Yvonne Steiner-Davion personally authorized the use of orbital bombardment to crack the fortifications, and the Fox-class WarShip FSS Indefatigable moved in response.[78]

As the Indefatigable moved towards Towne, it triggered another layer of defenses in the system that the various DropShips of Group I had failed to trigger; even as the Fox's Teeth were making a dangerous raid on the surface of the planet to disable the capital missile launchers there, hidden missile launchers within the system targeted the Indefatigable. Launch platforms disguised as ore processing stations within the Towne asteroid belt launched dozens of missiles, inflicting heavy damage on the Indefatigable and nearly stymied the liberation effort. As it was, the Indefatigable managed to make it to orbit and bombard the Blakists defenses, allowing Group I to take the planet. The campaign took four weeks from start to finish, and while the Fifteenth Arcturan Guards were ready to deploy on their next operation on the 22nd of April, the other elements of Group I would continue to rebuild on Towne for some time.[78]

The SDS system in the asteroid field around Towne was subsequently determined to be a prototype of the Dragon's Breath Multiple Capital Missile Launch System equipped with conventional missiles, rather than the nuclear weapons later systems would deploy. The successful activation of the SDS network in the Towne system and the damage inflicted on the Indefatigable would turn out to be an unusually successful performance for the SDS system, with later systems inflicted less damage on average.[79]

Map of Towne's Hyborian Continent as of 3057

Dark Age[edit]

With the liberation of the Word of Blake Protectorate, Towne, along with other former worlds of the Protectorate, became part of the Republic of the Sphere in 3081.[80] The abundant mineral deposits on Towne continued to form the base of Towne's economy during the Dark Age, although other substantial industries on Towne included cattle ranching and hardwoods. The nature of the economy of Towne saw regular imports of IndustrialMechs, particularly those associated with construction, mining and forestry. Despite centuries of conflict Towne remained a ruggedly beautiful world; the majority of the population continued to live on the northern continent of Hyboria and the southern continent of Gherst, while Krom—located at the south pole—the northern island continent of Howell and the temperate southern continent of Fetryl remaining sparsely populated at best. While Port Howard remained the planetary capital and the site of the Prince John Spaceport, the water-port city of Kale bay on Gherst was the second-largest city on the planet.[1]

The Blackout of August 3132 initially struck Towne hard. Days after Gray Monday, Towne suffered economic trouble, riots, and tensions between residents from different Successor States.[81] It took until 28 October for a DropShip, the Danny Cunningham, to arrive with any news from abroad.[82] Towne’s HPG station still functioned, attracting partisans of the Dragon's Fury, who took over the station to spread recruitment messages on 6 November.[83] Republic forces pushed them out on 16 November, discovering the corpse of Sacrist Giovan Benetti.[84]

In the months immediately following the Blackout, Towne went through a range of major changes. The crisis drove shifts in planetary politics. Some residents turned to the separatist groups plaguing the Republic, demonstrating in support of the Dragon's Fury[85] or joining the pro–Federated Suns Citizens for Tomorrow.[86] Many citizens turned inwards, bringing the previously weak security-oriented and isolationist Towne-First party a strong first place finish in the January 3133 planetary elections.[87]

Security was a major concern. Even in the early months of the Blackout, Towne did not entirely avoid the conflicts overtaking the Republic. Beyond the pro–Dragon’s Fury attack on Towne’s HPG, in December 3132, debris from a small clash involving the Spirit Cats was found in the Vanarium Planetary Reserve.[88] With armed conflict close to Towne, from August 3132 onward the defense industry grew, with several new military equipment manufacturers forming.[89] By April 3133, the defense industry’s growth was driving an economic boom, unemployment hitting its lowest point in a decade.[90] Meanwhile, in February 3133, the government organized a large expansion of the local militia, with the yearly enlistment drive finding record numbers.[91][92] This was supplemented in August with elements of the Twenty-first Centauri Lancers.[93]

Not everyone supported the militarization of Towne. An anti-war movement consistently opposed the shift, to little effect. Roberta Lee, alongside two other members of Towne’s Parliament, organized a hundreds-strong rally against the February 3133 militia expansion announcement.[91] Groups such as Citizens for Peace and Prosperity, the Hope Foundation, and Towne Against Nuclear Power set themselves against the expansion of military and military-adjacent manufacturing across the planet.[94][95]

Meanwhile, Towne attracted travelers seeking to escape the fighting that engulfed the Republic. Some were refugees from Addicks, who arrived in November 3132 after their planet was attacked by the Dragon’s Fury.[96] They began to return home in April 3133, once the fighting on Addicks was clearly over.[97] Others were tourists: by the start of 3133, Towne's tourist industry was booming, the previously rarely visited planet gaining a reputation as a place of quiet in a Republic in conflict.[98] Towne hosted major events, including an expanded version of the Galaxy of Classics classic vehicle show in February 3133[99] and the 39th annual Golden Sun Awards in June.[100] Tourism-related construction projects surged similarly to the defense industry, particularly in the popular Rerani Coast and Circle Bay areas.[101]

While calm compared to its neighbors, Towne was not without trouble. Towne was notable during the 3130s for the active presence of the White Hand, a neo-Blakist faction dedicated to collapsing the Republic of the Sphere and installing some form of neo-Blakist rule over the planet. Led by a figure known as "Precentor Maximian", the White Hand were initially believed to be simply a group claiming connections to the Word of Blake as a form of scare tactic to intimidate the local population, but Republic Intelligence began uncovering connections in the mid-3130s between the White Hand and a number of other known neo-Blakist organizations active within the Republic of the Sphere and outside the Republic's borders, including on a number of former Free Worlds League worlds.[102] On 21 April 3133, the group bombed the Gherstwood Mall, killing dozens.[103] As well, starting in February 3133, a serial killer murdered residents of the "Little Luthien" area of Kordava.[104] The so-called "Little Luthien" Killer, also known as the "Kappa", was Towne's worst serial killer in over 50 years. Eventually, with the help of Knight-Errant Kristoff Erbe, an arrest was made on 27 May, and the killings came to an end.[105]

Stormhammers Raid, 3133[edit]

In late August 3133, the Stormhammers rebel faction launched a raid on Towne. The attack was one of a number of actions conducted by elements of the Stormhammers in quick succession in order to broadcast Jasek Kelswa-Steiner’s call to House Steiner loyalists to raise support for the Stormhammers and their goal of seeing former Federation of Skye worlds reincorporated back into the Lyran Commonwealth. The battle on Towne was notable for the heaviest fighting seen by the Stormhammers during this phase of Jasek's campaign, as the planetary government on Towne had hired the Twenty-first Centauri Lancers as a local garrison, and the Stormhammers' Lyran Rangers contingent ran straight into the Lancers while attempting to capture Towne's functioning HPG. Despite the Lancers' fierce defense of Towne, the Rangers were able to capture the HPG long enough to complete their mission.[106] The defenders, led by Knight-Errant Kristoff Erbe, repelled the raiders after a few days of fighting.[107]

After the Raid[edit]

The Stormhammers raid marked a turning point for Towne. In the long run, the attack drove Towne to increase security. Additional forces and security measures were placed in and around the HPG compound,[108] and by February 3134, additional mercenaries were hired.[109] As well, Towne's tourist industry suffered after the attack, with tourist interest declining and development projects delayed.[110] Damage from the Stormhammers' attack also led to the local INN planetwide network's shutdown in March 3134.[111]

By 3135, the planet's HPG station was still one of the few working inside the Republic of the Sphere.[112]

The Draconis Combine invested significantly in Towne, including after the activation of Fortress Republic and the Republic's withdrawal from the planet.[113] By 3145, the Combine controlled Towne.[55]

As part of Operation ERUPTIO, the Republic's Eleventh Principes Guards and Second Fides Defenders struck Towne in early 3149, destroying the Combine planetary militia, shattering the local government, and seizing control of the HPG. Their HPG broadcasts encouraged dissent on planet and spread disinformation to other Combine systems. After promising Republic support, the Republic forces left the planet shortly afterwards, leaving Towne engulfed in a civil war between Republic and Combine supporters.[58][59] This caused further catastrophe: terrorist attacks destroyed key medical supplies, allowing an outbreak of the Hyborian Blood Plague to run rampant across the planet. As the fighting went on, on 24 December, Santana's Slayers arrived with a DropShip carrying antigens, only to crash amidst a severe snowstorm. The mercenaries and their cargo were captured by local bandits, the Beastlords. A team of freelance mercenaries attempted to recover the captives and the medical supplies, to unknown result.[59]

Military Deployment[edit]



  • Fifty-sixth Avalon Hussars[115]



Note: Less than two companies of BattleMechs, mixed with infantry, armor and a few aerospace fighters[117]



Local combined arms planetary garrison forces.





Towne is a slightly cooler Terra-like world, which is geologically young and active. The planet boasts good mineral and lumber wealth. Towne is slightly smaller than Terra but denser; the many active volcanoes and other geological activities continue to give the impression that the world is bigger than it actually is.[120] Possessed of large mountains, deep oceans and a diverse ecosphere, the apex of the native lifeforms on the planet is the Eiglotherium, a giant, shaggy, six-legged creature.[1]

The planet has five continents, which were named for various aspects of ancient science fiction author, Robert E. Howard and his fiction-fantasy book series, Conan the Barbarian. The Conan mythos was also the source of the name given to Towne's moon, Conan.[121] Its continents are named Hyboria, Krom, Fetryl, Howell, and Gherst. Towne has abundant deposits of metallic ores, particularly copper, although the majority of the deposits are located under the various planetary oceans.[1]

Planetary Locations[edit]

  • Fetryl (continent)
    • Sydney Province[122]
      • Johnston Valley[122]
        • Barnaby: a town near Johnston Falls[122]
        • Johnston Falls: a small mining town[122]
        • Lower Johnston Valley Mining Station[122]
        • Luego Vista: a town near Johnston Falls[122]
    • Vale: a city on Fetryl[69]
  • Gherst (continent)
    • Kale Bay: Second largest city on planet, this settlement is located on the continent of Gherst in the southern latitudes of Towne.[123]
      • Kale Bay Stock Exchange[89]
    • Tahitian Province[124]
      • Shahiri Desert: somewhere west of Kale Bay[124]
  • Howell (continent)
    • Black Coast: a region[125]
  • Hyboria (continent)
    • Argos Province
      • Argosia: the provincial capital[126]
        • Amarello: a teen- and young adult-oriented dance club[126]
        • Argosia Valley Preparatory College for Young Women[126]
    • Brythunia Province[65]
    • Eiglophian Mountains
      • Athalau[127]
        • Central Eiglophian Mountain Reserve[127]
    • Gunderland Province
      • Bella Dona: a small town north of Camp Mariposa[95]
      • Camp Mariposa[95]
    • Hyborian Plateau[59]
    • Koth Province[124]
    • Port Howard: Located in Circle Bay on the western coast of the Hyborian mainland, it was the first city established on planet, and is the planetary capital.[128] It also hosts the HPG station.[83] As of November 3132, the population was about 2 million.[96]
    • Stygia Province: a tropical region[101]
      • Trascio: a mining port city[131]
    • Turan Province[132]
      • Agrapur: the provincial capital[110]
      • Cabo[98]
      • Camanche: a small rural community southeast of Shalizar[132]
      • Jakobsburg: a rural community west of Camanche[132]
      • Rerani Coast[98]
      • Shalizar: a city[132]
      • Sudera Woods: just south of Agrapur[110]
      • Uthan Hel: features Star League-era buildings[98]
    • Zamora Province[87]
    • Zingara Province[104]
      • Kordava: a port city[104]
        • A memorial to the "Little Luthien" Killer's victims, a marble column with their names engraved, dedicated in February 3134.[133]
        • "Little Luthien": the south side districts of Kordava as of the Republic era, named for the large number of Draconis Combine migrants.[104]
          • Hiroshi's Bar and Grill[104]
          • South Side Middle School[134]
      • Theopolis: a small town north of Kordava[135]
  • Krom (continent)

Continent unknown:

Companies and Industries[edit]

Local Flora and Fauna[edit]


Map Gallery[edit]

Nearby Systems[edit]

Closest 72 systems (71 within 60 light-years)
Distance in light years, closest systems first:
Addicks 8.9 Pokhara 11.2 Helen 12.0 Murchison 13.1
Ozawa 16.3 Errai 17.3 Ankaa 18.1 Deneb Kaitos 21.4
Galatia 22.4 Small World 23.1 Hean 23.1 Quentin 23.7
Al Na'ir 25.0 Ronel 28.4 Biham 28.8 Ancha 28.9
New Florence 29.0 Lockdale 29.5 Sadachbia 30.1 Skat 30.6
Markab 32.1 Ruchbah 33.0 Ingress 33.1 Deneb Algedi 33.5
Nashira 33.5 Tybalt 35.2 Halstead Station 36.6 Nirasaki 36.7
Northwind 36.8 Basalt 37.1 Tigress 37.9 Fletcher 38.7
Cylene 40.5 Kawich 40.6 New Rhodes 40.8 Sheratan 40.9
Telos 41.1 Alpha Eridani 41.1 Mallory's World 42.2 Nopah 43.3
Agador 43.7 Saffel 43.9 New Britain 43.9 Rio 45.0
Epsilon Indi 46.5 Styx 46.8 Shinonoi 47.2 Fomalhaut 48.4
New Stevens 49.0 Okaya 49.8 Angol 50.4 Bharat 50.7
Woodstock 51.3 Hamal 51.6 Kervil 51.8 Yangtze 52.3
Mara 52.5 Miyazaki 52.7 Mirach 52.7 Acamar 55.2
Athenry 56.6 Schedar 56.7 Caph 57.0 Dieron 57.5
Pike 58.2 Epsilon Eridani 58.7 Ashio 58.9 Alrescha 59.4
Elbar 59.6 Kurhah 59.7 Bryant 60.0 Tikonov 60.4


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