Tranq Gun


Tranq Guns are specialized small arms used to deliver drugs, poisons or other substances to a target via fired darts. Each dart is launched by compressed gases and can easily pierce clothing and most animal hides, although the dart's needle tip is not strong enough to penetrate most body armors. Each dart can be loaded with any desired sedative or poison, or fired empty.[1]



Item: Tranq Gun
Equipment Rating: C/A-A-A/C
Armor Piercing/Base Damage: 2B/4D
Range: 3/10/18/25 meters
Shots: 10
Cost/Reload: 30/1
Affiliation: -
Mass/Reload: 1.5kg/40g
Notes: Only Delivers BD if Weapon's AP + Attacker's MOS Divided by 4 (Round Down) Exceeds Target's BAR



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