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Trell nearby systems
Trell nearby systems
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System Information
X:Y Coordinates -113.976 : 386.942[e]
Spectral class M2VII[1]
Recharge time 203 hours[2]
Recharge station(s) none
Planets 5[1]

System Description[edit]

The system of Trell is located coreward of Terra near the Periphery. Together with its planet of Trell I, it was for a long time a member of the Lyran Commonwealth. Now it belongs to the Jade Falcon Occupation Zone.

Political Affiliation[edit]

Trell I (Trellwan)[edit]

Trell I
System position 1st
Jump point
2.86 days
Highest native life 80% mammals
Capital Sarghad[1]
HPG (Representative) B

Planetary History[edit]

Trell I was first colonized in 2616. The planet's official name is Trell I, for being the first (innermost) planet of the Trell system, but the natives have slurred the words together into the word "Trellwan." Inhabitants of Trellwan are called "Trellwanese," but are also casually referred to as "Trell." They have generally dropped the use of surnames.[1]

There are three main colonies on Trellwan. The most important is Sarghad, the capital, which serves as administrative and trade center and has the planet's only spaceport.[1]

Around 3025, a plot by Duke Hassid Ricol orchestrated an attempt to bring the world under the banner of the Draconis Combine. This plan was foiled by the newly created Gray Death Legion.

Clan Invasion[edit]

Victor Steiner-Davion was stationed on Trell I after his graduation from the Nagelring academy in 3049, commanding a battalion of the Twelfth Donegal Guards. The planet was an early target of Clan Jade Falcon during Operation REVIVAL. This battle appears to have been the first clash between Clan forces and troops of the Federated Commonwealth. The defenders initially believed the Falcons to be merely another group of pirates, and were not prepared for a full-on invasion by technologically superior forces.

The Falcons grounded on 13 April 3050 and quickly drove for the Twelfth and Victor. For his part, Victor was at the head of his battalion, on the way to a training exercise with the Red Brigade. The scouts initially confused contact with Falcon forces for the Brigade, though they realized their fatal mistake and warned Victor, who alerted the battalion. On the other side of the Castle Mountains from the rest of the regiment, in the Chrysall Pass, the battalion was hard pressed to hold off the Falcon Guards. Victor retreated through the pass, but was hit by Falcon air and ground assets. During the fighting, he christened the Summoner OmniMech the "Thor" because of its powerful arm-mounted weapons. He tried to retreat into the mountains, but realized the Falcon forces would be able to cut them off from the rest of the unit. A surprise rear assault by the hitherto undetected Red Brigade gave Victor and the remaining 'Mechs of this battalion the chance to slip away, which they did, right into the mountain caverns along with the surviving forces of the Brigade.[39][40][41][42] though the unit was finally destroyed.

Over the course of the Guards' desperate defense, Steiner-Davion and Galen Cox were separated from their allies and fought and defeated a lone Falcon Summoner in Thunder Rift, using the Rift's rough terrain to negate the Clanner's range advantage. When they returned to base afterwards, their commanding officer, Leftenant-General Jeremy Hawksworth, informed them that the regiment was on the brink of defeat. Victor suggested retreating the remaining forces to the area of Thunder Rift and fighting a guerrilla campaign. The general accepted the suggestion, but could not allow the designated Archon-Prince to remain on Trellwan and be captured or killed. He ordered Cox to assure Victor's evacuation, despite the young Kommandant's clear willingness to remain and see the fight through. Cox ended up having to sucker punch his friend and knocking him out in order to get him off planet.

Implementing Victor's plan, the Twelfth harassed the occupying Falcons for months, though the unit was ultimately destroyed.[39][43][44][42]

Inter-Clan conflicts and Jihad[edit]

In April 3053, the Steel Viper Fifty-first attacked Trell I with the intention of stopping Clan Jade Falcon raids that originated from there. On landing, the Fifty-first found no trace of their opponents, the Eighth PGC, and subsequently walked into an ambush. This triggered a four-day battle that ended in a Steel Viper victory, but at the cost of serious casualties.[45]

In 3054[46] the Cluster was stationed on Trell I along with the bulk of Gamma Galaxy and were still defending the planet in 3060.[22]

Having been reconquered by Clan Jade Falcon during the ejection of Clan Steel Viper from the Inner Sphere, Trell I was invaded again during the Jihad, when Clan Ice Hellion launched an invasion of Clan Jade Falcon holdings in the Inner Sphere in early 3071. Trell I was invaded by the Ice Hellions between the 7th and 28th of June 3071, but the Ice Hellion invasion stalled as heavy fighting continued on Trell I and other worlds throughout July 3071.[26][27] The Forty-fifth Striker Irregulars were holding Winfield for the Ice Hellions when the Falcon Guards arrived to recapture the planet, and by January 3072 the Irregulars had been defeated and captured.[28]

Military Deployment[edit]


A planetary year is only 45 standard days, while a planetary day is 30.5 standard days due to the planet's slow rotation. As a result, volcanism and earthquakes are common and the climatic changes are quite abrupt and severe.

With only 9% of its surface being covered by two small oceans along the equator, Trellwan is a rather dry world although it has a breathable atmosphere. The land is largely vast desert plains and rugged mountain ranges.

Planetary Locations[edit]

  • "Castle": Fortification located near Sarghad
  • Castle Mountains: mountain range
    • Chrysall Pass: a pass through the Castle Mountains and site of an important battle during Operation REVIVAL.[52]
    • Smuggler's Maze: a location within the Castle Mountains.[52]
    • Smuggler's Mouth: entrance to an immense network of caverns that honeycombs the Castle Mountains.[52]
    • Smuggler's Paradise: a location within the Castle Mountains.[52]
    • Smuggler's Valley: valley within the Castle Mountains not far from Chrysall Pass.[52]
  • Crysanden Mountain Range: North of Sarghad
    • Thunder Rift
  • Drebbin River: river and site of an important battle during Operation REVIVAL.[52]
  • Gath: city
  • Grimheld Sea
  • Mount Gayal
  • Pirate Chasm Bridge: Bridge over the Drebbin River and site of an important battle during Operation REVIVAL.[52]
  • Sarghad: Capital city[1]
    • Ajiani Highway
  • Tremain: city


Map Gallery[edit]

Nearby Systems[edit]

Closest 36 systems (35 within 60 light-years)
Distance in light years, closest systems first:
Butler 16.9 Maxie's Planet 17.7 Treeline 18.5 Derf 18.5
Persistence 20.8 Twycross 22.4 Romulus 25.4 Malibu 32.6
Waldorff 33.4 Wotan 35.4 Evciler 35.7 Steelton 36.3
Chateau 39.2 Denizli 39.6 Icar 40.6 Seiduts 40.9
Beta 40.9 Toland 44.5 Csesztreg 44.9 Apolakkia 46.6
Golandrinas 47.4 Apollo 48.1 Blackjack 48.5 Alyina 50.6
Goat Path 52.4 Devin 53.1 Harvest 53.2 Vantaa 54.4
Star's End 54.7 New Caledonia 57.8 Leskovik 58.7 Bensinger 59.5
Hot Springs 59.8 Somerset 59.8 Norn 59.8 New Ålborg 60.6


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