Tri-Vid Camera


A Tri-Vid Camera is used in the creation of holographic video, remarkably sharp three-dimensional images. This palm-sized device uses a single data chip to record up to two hours of full-motion audio and video or 15,000 still images, the latter of which have eight times superior resolution.[1][2] While used in a variety of roles, tri-vid cameras can also accept a number of attachments, including Night Vision Lens, Infrared Scanner, Laser and Shotgun Microphones, for surveillance purposes.

By the thirty-first century almost every residence has their own Tri-Vid (or Holovid) Set allowing them to watch holovid broadcasts or prerecorded holovid chips. While the term "video" refers usually to holographic video, traditional Video Cameras are still available, and most holovid videos are "flatscreen" compatible (though with noticeable reduction in quality and content).[1][2]



Item: Tri-Vid Camera[3]
Equipment Ratings: C/A-B-A/A
Cost: 375
Affiliation: None
Mass: 4g
Power use: 1 Power Point per Hour


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