Triads and Tongs

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As a group with a long history they are a formation with great influence.


With their roots on Terra in the Asian region, the Tongs/Triads of today operate mainly in the Capellan Confederation or communities of Asian people. They often operate locally and defend their territory against any bad influence with full force.


Triads and Tongs are usually involved in:

  • drug selling
  • prostitution rings
  • illegal gambling
  • racketeering


  • triad/tong leaders
are the CEO of these gangs.
  • incense masters
control every aspect of the business and enforce a unique identity.
  • deputy leaders
are the second in command and coordinate the smaller business .
  • operations managers
they are the managers of the daily business.
  • combination liaison
these members are responsible for the smoothness of the operations with in the tongs/triad.
  • recruiter
supply the groups with new manpower
  • enforcers and administrators
control the lowest end of the hierarchy with force.

Known Triad Gangs[edit]

Low Level[edit]

The common members have good information about the daily business in the street, but it could a dangers when they think somebody will do business in their territory.

Medium Level[edit]

They know the workings of the the business and have enough influence to support operations in their thoughts.

High Level[edit]

They often lead their organization with iron will and iron hand. Any possible dangers are treated with full force. Fierce loyalty and brutality are the weapons of choice.


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