Trial Under Fire

Trial under Fire.jpg
Trial Under Fire
Product information
Type Novel/Serial (10 parts)
Author Loren L. Coleman
Pages 128
Publication information
Publisher BattleCorps
First published 31 August-30 October 2004
Era Clan Invasion era
Timeline 28 April 3060

Trial under Fire, by Loren L. Coleman, was published on BattleCorps in 2004 as a 10-part serial. It was later distributed for free as an attachment to MekTek's release of MechWarrior 4: Mercenaries. In 2011, it was also published in an EPUB edition outside of BattleCorps (the image in the infobox is taken from the EPUB file).

The story is a novelization of the storyline of the MechWarrior 3 computer game, and parts of the story including mission briefings and dialogue are taken verbatim from the game. Unlike the computer game as such, the published story is fully canonical and thus trumps the computer game as canon wherever they might differ.

Further details about the plot of the book can be found in the article Operation DAMOCLES.

Plot summary[edit]

The Jaguar's Reach[edit]

published 31 August 2004
During the Star League efforts to eradicate Clan Smoke Jaguar, a sideline mission to Tranquil was lost against the larger stories of Huntress and Strana Mechty. But without this desperate mission, the others might not have succeeded. Loren Coleman's novelization of the MechWarrior 3 PC game, at its complete novella length for the first time.

First Contact[edit]

published 05 September 2004
As the Damocles Commando lands on Tranquil, Connor Sinclair struggles, alone, through the opening salvoes. Thoughts of the doomed Black Hammer must wait. Now, it is all about survival. On both sides. Story by Loren L. Coleman.

Into the Fire[edit]

published 08 September 2004
As Conner Sinclair and his remnants of the Damocles Commando take their fight to the Smoke Jaguars, they uncover a new secret. But is this likely to weigh in favor of their eventual escape from Tranquil? Or against it? Story by Loren L. Coleman

Method & Madness[edit]

published 13 September 2004
As things heat up for Conner Sinclair and his Damocles Commando, the world of Tranquil is left anything but calm. The Smoke Jaguars fight for their survival, desperation begins to tell in their tactics. Loren L. Coleman's continuing tale.

Complex Solutions[edit]

published 18 September 2004
As the Commando steps up their offensive, bringing down the rallying Jaguar forces, the masters of Tranquil are growing desperate. Now, the Commando is taking out the planetary 'Mech production facility. Much needed salvage, and a severe blow to the dying Clan. If Conner Sinclair and company can survive the attack. Story by Loren L. Coleman


published 30 September 2004
Loren L. Coleman continues the tale of Connor Sinclair and the Damocles Commando. With Smoke Jaguar forces regrouping on Tranquil and Prince Victor still on Strana Mechty to refute the entire war, how far can four determined warriors go?

Cityscape Challenge[edit]

published 05 October 2004
The Damocles Commando approaches its final run, or so they hope. Durgha City, the capital of Tranquil and a vulnerable target with the senior warriors chasing after other threats. But will they find all they hope? Or is this merely the beginning of the end? Story by Loren L. Coleman.

Stress Fractures[edit]

published 23 October 2004
With the DropShip lost to them, the Commando takes its eye off their game for one minute. How bad are things likely to get as the Inner Sphere team struggles against the mounting odds, and the newly arrived Star Colonel Osis? Loren Coleman continues his Task Force tale.

By a Thread[edit]

published 26 October 2004
With Galaxy Commander Brendon Corbett taking a personal interest in the Commando, Conner Sinclair and his band of warriors does not have a great deal of time left to put an end to the Jaguar threat and escape Tranquil. Desperate times certainly call for desperate measures. Story by Loren Coleman.

Circle of Equals[edit]

published 30 October 2004
In the conclusion to Loren L. Coleman's Trial Under Fire saga, the Commando has found the only way possible for them to escape Tranquil. But standing in between them and safety remains Brendon Corbett. In this final Circle of Equals, only one side walks out alive.

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